April Fools pranks we wish were true

I don’t know about you but I’m so incredibly paranoid when it comes to April Fools. I don’t trust anything I read on the internet and I can’t possibly do any work when I can’t be sure if something is a joke or not. I’ve had lots of emails and press releases today that start with ‘this is not a joke’ and I still don’t trust them.

Instead of doing a blog post about real things that are happening and risk looking like I’ve fallen for an April Fool, here are some pranks that we all wish were true.

Groupon offers Learn to Speak Dog

Imagine being able to tell your beloved pooch just how much you love him, or asking your dog to bring you the remote when you want to change channel.

“The course has been developed by the Pet Auditory Welfare Service, ‘PAWS’, which analysed over 2,000 different barks from 150 different breeds of dogs, from beagles to boxers and every pooch in between. The team interpreted the meaning of different barks by scrutinising the length, cadence and pitch of both individual barks and ‘phrases’ to develop a dialect that humans could recreate in order to communicate with their dogs.”

The Playstation Flow

We love wearable technology but I love combining exercise with gaming even more. I may have shouted ‘why isn’t this real?’ at my screen a few times while watching this video.

Color-changing nail polish and app


This would make getting ready so much easier. Models Own are apparently launching this for ‘one day only’. We wish…

Virgin Fitness Trains


Combine Virgin Active with Virgin Trains and you get a train compartment where you can work out. This actually makes a lot of sense, why shouldn’t you be able to use your commute to get a quick workout in?

Marmite Clear

Okay, maybe we don’t want this one to be true but it’s a pretty cool idea.

Remember, trust no one.


Coupon codes of the week: Women’s clothing

Hello ladies, today we have a bit of a treat for you. We’ve been scouring the internet to find some of the hottest coupon codes out there for women’s clothing. So if you’re looking to make a start on your summer wardrobe, this is the place to do it.

Shoplinkz helps you to save money on everything from shoes to furniture so whatever you’re looking for, head on over to the retailer of your choice on the main site so see what they have to offer. Why not try Hot Topic, Nordstrom, Abercrombie and Fitch or Sephora to get you started.

Get your summer sorted with these coupon codes.

Joules – 10% off using the code US10P. Click here to shop.


Woolovers – 5% off all orders using the code TAKEFIVE. Click here to shop.

Plum Pretty Sugar – Free Hello Pretty tote with orders of $80 or more using the code PRETTYFOREASTER15. Click here to shop.

Coggles – Free Cote & Ciel wallet when you buy any full price Cote & Ciel item using the code CCIEL. Click here to shop.


ugly naked guy

Life lessons we’ve learnt from Friends

Friends has been off the air for more than 10 years but there’s still so much we can learn from the pivotal show. Plenty of twenty- and thirty-somethings will be able to relate to these life lessons from the sitcom. Whether you watched the show from beginning to end as it was aired, or caught it all a reruns, it’s difficult to deny what an impact it had on our lives and pop culture.

Here are some important life lessons we’ve learnt from Friends. Continue reading…

road trip songs

Perfect songs for your next road trip

Road trips are about seeing the world, enjoying the open road and killer tunes! Your perfect songs might be based on the memories that a track evokes, the road trips, places and people they remind you of. These are the kind of songs that make a trip special but you have to start somewhere, so here are a list of songs that are perfect for any road trip – and might even become firm favorites in the future.

New York State of Mind – Alicia Keys

Something soft yet vocally powerful to get you started. Particularly potent when driving around New York City.

Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

This song builds into a clash of guitar and banjo that will have you bopping around in your seat.

Pop 101 – Marianas Trench

Another terribly catchy song that gives you the perfect formula to a pop song. You’ll be singing this for days.

Vegas Skies – The Cab

This is one you can really sing-a-long to. Windows down, music up.

Godzilla – Blue Oyster Cult

A fun song that’s appropriate for all trips.

Mr Roboto – Styx

Feel for poor Mr Roboto while you sing and do robot arms.

The Road – Frank Turner

One of Frank Turner’s older songs, a great foot-tapping tune.

More than a Feeling – Boston

Power ballads should be included in all road trip playlists.

The Spirit of Radio – Rush

A song that will make you appreciate music more than ever.

Africa – Toto

Sing at the top of your voice to this amazing tune.

Hit me with Your Best Shot – Pat Benetar

This funky track is perfect for long drives when you need a bit of a pick me up.

Wish you Were Here – Incubus

An ode to all those who couldn’t make your trip.

Fireflies – Owl City

I’ll confess, while this is a great song, I’ve added it to this list because it reminds me of an amazing trip I took around the USA in 2010… It’s strange, soulful and the lyrics are poetic.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness

Fun lyrics, a bass line you can car-dance to and some killer guitar.

Automatic Overdrive – Slash

For those times where you just want to put your foot down and enjoy your car.

Propane Nightmares – Pendulum

A track that serves a similar purpose to the Slash track above, just in a different genre.

Barton Hollow – The Civil Wars

Finish the trip with melodic vocals that the whole car can try and match.

What’s your perfect road trip song?

Pinterest projects you can start today

We’ve all seen the people who have completely failed at Pinterest projects and while the pictured outcome might not always match your own efforts, not all Pinterest craft or food projects are particularly difficult. We’ve whittled out the stressful, complex and downright ridiculous projects to bring you ones that you can start today, only a small amount of effort required.

Leak-proof water blob

These water blobs are great fun for the kids, especially when it’s hot outside. Most of the tutorials for these involve a lot of duct tape and water all over your garden but not this one from Homemade Toast. Check out the innovative tutorial here.

Two-ingredient lipgloss

This project uses just two ingredients and you can change the colors asyou see fit. Take a look at the full tutorial over on A Pumpkin & a Princess.

Make a t-shirt into a tote bag in 10 minutes

Want to upcycle and old t-shirt. This is a great tutorial for creating a brand new shopper! Take a look at the full tutorial on Mommypotamus.

 Owl cake

Want a super-cute cake project? How about this little owl. It’s probably the most difficult on this list but with a little time and patience, you too could create your own delicious owl cake. Take a look at the tutorial on Wonderful DIY.

 Heart friendship bracelet

This is a really easy-to-follow tutorial from Honestly WTF. The cute heart design makes it a little different to all those friendship bracelets you used to make as a kid. Click here for the tutorial.

What Pinterest projects have you tried?


Red carpet beauty tricks you need to try

Whether you’re going to be walking the red carpet or will be just heading for a night out, here are some red carpet beauty tricks you need to try today.


The first rule of the red carpet is to smile. Smiling makes your eyes brighter and will make you seem more approachable too.

Invest in a good eye cream

If you’re travelling, an eye cream is so important as it can help to stave off those dark circles. You’ll look more awake and eye creams also have anti-ageing benefits too.

Burgundy and gold

If you want to make a statement, go for gold eyes and burgundy lips. The shade you choose depends on your skin tone and how bold you want to be but these colors always stand out on the red carpet as they’re timeless and elegant.

SPF is so important

This is a tip for life. Always use a good moisturizer with a sun protection factor as sun damage is never a good look.

Drink more water

Drinking 8oz (2litres) of water a day will make your hair glossy and your skin look brighter. It’s so important to keep yourself properly hydrated. If you’re not keen on water, flavour it with cucumber or lemon. Water has so many other health benefits too.


Add a bit of a shimmer to your cheekbones with some well-placed bronzer. If you want a more subtle look and don’t want to wear too much makeup, mix some bronzer with your moisturizer.

Prep your eyelids

This is so important if you’re going for a smoky eye as heavy eyeshadows have the tenancy to crease. A primer will stop this from happening and will keep your makeup in place all night (and into the next day, if you need it to).

What are your beauty secrets?



A guide to strength training for beginners

Before you start strength training, you need to realise what it can do for you. Firstly it’s not for men only, women can get so much benefit from strength training. Who doesn’t want to lose weight, build muscle and look more toned! The results you get depends on how much you lift and how you do it.

The best place to start with strength training is to do bodyweight training only. This means no dumbells or weights of any kind. Your are lifting only your bodyweight and it’s harder than it sounds.

Think squats, pushups, lunges and pull ups. Exercises you can do almost anywhere without the need for the gym. However, as you progress, you’re going to want to make things more difficult and that’s where weight training comes in.

Perfected a nice, low body weight squat? Add some weight either with dumbells or a barbell.

A set of adjustable dumbells will make it easier for you to progress your workouts as you can add a small amount of weight each time you workout. They’re also more practical because it’s much easier to drop a dumbell and not cause damage to your floor than it is to drop a barbell when you can’t finish a rep.

Another good thing about dumbells is the fact that your work different sides of your body separately. This is important when it comes to building equal strength. When you use a barbell, one side of the body can compensate for the other.

There’s also an element of balance that comes into it too. Waving dumbells around instantly engages your core and this is true of most exercises you do with them. These stabilising muscles are so important and they’ll strengthen without you even needing to think about them.

In terms of how effective different weight training is you should work in this order from least effective to most effective (i.e. works more muscle groups and makes an exercise harder).

  • Basic weight machines

  • Cable machines

  • Barbells

  • Dumbells

The only thing barbells have over dumbells is the ability to add a lot of weight, which is important when you’re doing big moves like a squat or deadlift.

If you want to make your bodyweight training more effective and don’t want to add weight then you should thing about adding instability. For example, one-legged squats (or the infamous pistol squat!).

Are you lifting weights?


How to care for dyed hair

Dyed hair takes a bit of effort to keep looking in good condition. I’ve been dying my hair for years and I’ve been every color from black, to green to blond. Here are some tips for caring for dyed hair.

Consider your options

Even if you want to go for a natural color, you have a whole host of options available to you. As well as hundreds of brands you could choose from, you also have to think about things like whether you want permanent, semi-permanent or a toner; what the dye contains and how much of your hair you want to dye,

You should also think about whether it might be a better to go to a salon and have your hair done professionally. This is always a good idea if you’re going for a drastic change or if you’ve never dyed your hair before.

Go easy

If you have a big change to make, then it can often be a good idea to take it slow or go for a slightly muted color. If you want something bright then you’ll need a blond base before-hand to get a really bright color. If you end goal is purple, lighten your hair slowly and always read the instructions on the box. If you are after red hair, you don’t necessarily need to bleach your hair first.

Consider starting with some ombre then moving to a full head of color.

Avoid brassy


If you’re going blond, it might be worth investing in a anti-brassiness shampoo. This will help to lift your blond hair to cooler tones. You can also use toners and toning shampoos to get the right shade of blond.

Condition, condition, condition

Dyed hair can often look dry. It’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner designed for dyed hair. This will not only keep the color in longer but it’ll keep your hair looking glossy too. Hair oils, leave in conditioner and serums can also be a great way to keep your hair looking healthy.


Things only fashion bloggers understand

Fashion blogging is tough. We spend hours standing in the cold so we can get a great shot, we constantly chase the ‘golden hour’ and we’re always more careful than necessary over what we wear. Here are some things fashion bloggers (and fashion lovers) will understand.

Candid no longer means candid


Oh, that’s great light!


Perfecting your pose


The struggle of never repeating an outfit


All the selfies


The claw


The heels or flats dilemma


That feeling you get when the postman arrives


When someone has heard of your blog


Crafting the perfect outfit for a photo only to swap it for pyjamas as soon as you’re done


Always being overdressed


Can you relate? Let us know in the comments.


Some of the highlights of London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is almost over and it looks like it’s been a great few days. You’ve probably been keeping up with the action on Twitter but in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights.

Texture from Central Saint Martins MA

Central Saint Martins MA 2015, backstage (Sam Wilson, British Fashion Council)

Central Saint Martins MA 2015, backstage (Sam Wilson, British Fashion Council)

Bright colors, metallics and all this fantastic texture stole the show on day one of LFW.

The English Rose look perfected

 Shrimps AW15 (Dan Sims, British Fashion Council)

Shrimps AW15 (Dan Sims, British Fashion Council)

There’s something so romantic about this backstage shot. Tumbling curls, wide, bright eyes and that bold red lip.

Pop-up Showrooms

The NEWGEN Pop-Up Showrooms at Somerset House (Shaun James Cox, British Fashion Council)

The NEWGEN Pop-Up Showrooms at Somerset House (Shaun James Cox, British Fashion Council)

These pop-up show rooms allowed visitors to get up close and personal with the collections that had been shown off on the catwalks.

Vogue’s Street Style Round Up

Alexa Chung in J.W.Anderson (Photographed by Phil Oh)

Vogue has a great street style round up that shows some of the biggest players, what they’re wearing and what we can expect during this fashion year. Take a look at all the pictures here.

Topshop’s Party Style with Retro Touches

Take a look at this video from Topshop where they round up some of the excitement from LFW. Featuring Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Ellie Goulding.

Did you make it to London Fashion Week? Or perhaps your going to London Fashion Weekend, let us know in the comments.