Best Black Friday sales

Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday is upon us tomorrow so we thought we’d round up some of the best deals across the web. It’s time to get shopping.

50-inch Panasonic TV for $199.99

This TV from Best Buy is a great addition to any home that’s looking to upgrade to a 50-inch screen. Perfect for days spend watching movies of binge-watching the latest TV boxset (who hasn’t got around to Breaking Bad, yet?).

Apple Macbook Air for $854.99

Another great deal from best buy. The latest Macbook Air.

40% off Star Wars toys

Amazon has an amazing 40% off Star Wars toys. These make great gifts, or you could just treat yourself…

Xbox One with Assassins Creed for $329 (plus get a $30 Walmart giftcard)

This is a great Black Friday deal from Walmart for anyone who wants one of the newest games consoles in their lives. You also get a $30 Walmart giftcard too.

Up to 50% off at Jack Wills

This British brand has up to 50% off both ladies’ and gents’ clothing on their USA site.

They’re also doing a special 30% off offer for customers over Black Friday.


What’s cooking this Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is more than just the Turkey. We’ve rounded up some of the best side dishes from our favourite bloggers. Let us know in the comments what you’ll be eating tomorrow.

Brussel Sprouts Gratin – Skinny Taste

Cheesey brussel sprouts, what more could you want? Full recipe on Skinny Taste.

Maple Bacon Roasted Squash – PaleOMG

The sweetness of maple goes brilliantly with the saltiness of bacon. This is a fantastic warming dish for winter. Full recipe on PaleOMG.

Turkey leftovers – The Pioneer Woman

Lots of ideas for what to do with your leftovers. Take a look at The Pioneer Woman for all the details.

Board games

Board games for the whole family

This is the time of the year when families get together. Whether you get to spend a few sweet days with your family or are treated to a few weeks in their company, here are some games that will have you all laughing and interacting like the good old days.

Say Anything

One person will act as the judge while everyone else is given a question such as ‘What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after getting pulled over?’ Everyone writes down an answer and it’s up to the judge to choose the best one.

This is a great game to get a party started and break the ice.

Cards Against Humanity

This is very tame in comparison to some of the combos you’ll come up with…

This game for 4+ players is probably suited best to the hours after the kids have gone to bed. One person will choose a black card which will start a sentence or form a question. Players have to then choose one of their own white cards to finish the sentence or answer the question.

Depending on your card selection, things can get silly (and sometimes rude) very quickly.

Lords of Warterdeep

For families that love a bit of strategy and roleplay (perhaps you’re Dungeons and Dragons fans) this is perfect. It’s for 2-5 people and is all about helping and/or hindering your fellow players to complete your own quests.

It might look like a complicated game but once you get into the swing of things, it’ll really flex those strategy muscles. Want to know more? Famous geek Wil Wheaton reviewed the game on his show Tabletop. Watch it here.

Awkward Family Photos

You know those weird family photos that are all over the internet? Well there’s a game based on them. Players have to answer a question based on an awkward family photo then the dice-roller picks their favorite answer and tried to guess who gave it.


Another game reviewed on the Tabletop show and this is where I first heard about it. It’s a beautiful game that’s all about a journey to do wonderful things like collect art, eat food, meet people and go shopping. It’s a relaxed board game, for the most part, but there are plenty of chances to get one up on your opponents.


This game all rides on how well you know your family members. The game positions itself as ‘the greatest laugh out loud game’ so you’re certain to have some fun with this. You all write your own responses to silly questions then have to guess who said what.


In this game, you try to convince your opponents of your, often false, answers to weird questions. Everyone answers a question such as ‘What does palindrome mean?’. The false answers are shuffled with the real one and read aloud.

This is one I play with my family every Christmas and it always has us rolling around with laughter.


Try these nail wraps for instant nail art

Find painting your nails difficult or just want to add something show-stopping to your look? Nail wraps are definitely for you. They’re easy to apply (although some easier than others) and you get a flawless look without the effort of perfecting some complicated nail art.

Sally Hansen

These are some of the hardest wearing nail wraps out there as they’re made from real nail polish. Bafflingly, they come in sets of 16.

Nail Rock


You can find these at a lot of high street stores (including and there’s plenty of choice too. We love this tribal look.



If you’re after choice then Jamberry sells around 300 different designs of nail wrap. There’s a huge range of festive designs at this time of year but you can all go for a variety of animal prints or try something bold like this crash art design.



Yes, the popular stationer also sells beautiful nail wraps like those pictured above. Check out these retro Christmas ones too. 


The original street style: Parisian races

These photos popped up on Mashable and we just had to share them with you. Street style photography has been around for a long time and it’s not just fashion weeks around the world where men and women are having their photos taken. We can learn a lot from these ridiculously glamorous folk at the Parisian races. All these photos were taken around 1910/1920.

1911 An elegant fur coat 1911 Fashions at Longchamps [Elegant young woman] retro3 retro4 retro5 retro6 retro7 retro8 retro9 retro10 retro11 retro12 retro13 retro14 retro15Image credits:  AGENCE ROL/GALLICA VIA EUROPEANA



How to wear: The LBD

A black dress can be so versatile. Go casual with flats and a comfy jacket or take your look to the next level with heels and some faux fur.

LBD: All blacks


Love this look, stay with the black theme and add some gold accessories. Brave the cold with bare legs if you can but pop on some opaque tights if it’s a bit chilly outside.

LBD: Party

This prom dress is just beautiful. Add extra glamour with glittery accessories and a fur bolero. Choose your most spectacular shoes.

LBD: Monochrome


Finally, a monochrome look that would work in the office or out for lunch with friends. An LBD with Peter Pan collar is a great with simple brogues.

How do you wear the LBD?

Lusty Glaze Beach Restaurant

Gift Guide: Foodie gifts under $30

If you know someone who loves to cook, bake and eat then consider one of these gifts this holiday season.

This book from Yotam Ottolenghi is the perfect gift for people who love vegetables. It’s also a great book for anyone who hates them too. It’s full of recipes that give you plenty of ideas for making your vegetables much, much more exciting. $27.15 on Book Depository, with free shipping!

Another great cookbook for food lovers who live a healthy lifestyle. The book is full of delicious recipes that are guilt-free. Perhaps something we all need after the over-indulgence of Christmas. $25 on Book Depository, with free shipping.

This little espresso set would make a great gift for coffee lovers. It’s the kind of set that will really brighten up a kitchen and it’ll definitely put a smile on the face of anyone who likes good coffee. $24 from LBC Living.

I can’t really get over the fact this this exists. The Shredder guitar-shaped cheese grater is the kind of gift you buy rock fans so they feel a little bit more rock’n’roll while grating cheese. $10 from LBC Living.

Ice cream all year round? Yes please. This amazing gold ice cream glass makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves a scoop or two. $19 from Alexa and Alexa.

Designed for kids but fun for all ages. How cool would it be to take your lunch to work in a Lego lunchbox. Buy for the big kids, or little kids, or just get one for yourself. $17 from Alexa and Alexa.


Jess Wishlist

How to create a Christmas Wish List on Shoplinkz

It’s now a time where we start thinking about what to buy people for Christmas and to avoid getting people useless items that they’ll never use or appreciate, a list is so important.

Breathe some life into your Shoplinkz account by creating a Christmas wishlist, you can then share this with friends and family to make sure you get what you really want this holiday season.

Here’s a sneak peak into my Christmas wishlist, see the full thing here.

Jess Wishlist


How to create your list

If you haven’t already, install the Shoplinkz bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmarks bar. Once this is in place, browse the web as normal and look for products you’d love to receive for Christmas. When you find something you fancy, click the Shoplink bookmarklet and add it to your Christmas Wish List.

Once you’ve added some items, share the list with friends and family.  They’ll be able to get you exactly what you want. You can also make any List private to keep all of your gift ideas top secret and your family members will be happily surprised.

Save money with Shoplinkz

Encourage your friends and family to make their own lists on Shoplinkz (it’s free, of course). Once they’ve made their list you can click through the products and either buy from their site of choice, or find cheaper options around the web. Check out the coupons on any store page too so you can get a discount at that store.

Keep an eye on the blog over the next month because we’ll be sharing all the best shopping deals with you.



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Winter travel ideas

Thinking of getting away for the winter? We’ve already looked at snowboarding holidays for this season but what about jetting off somewhere a little warmer?

Montego Bay, Jamaica

wish you were here
Some of the resorts in Jamaica are out of this world. You’re treated to the most beautiful surroundings, some amazing food and plenty of great cocktails. The beaches are fantastic and there’s so much more to do than just sunbathe. It’s a party destination that also has its serene spots for those of you who don’t want to spend your time dancing into the early hours.

Temperature Dec-Feb: 77F (25C) average.

Where we’d like to stay: Half Moon, this RockResort spans 400 acres, has two miles of private beach and even a dolphin lagoon where guests can swim with these beautiful creatures. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an 18-hole golf course and a spa on site too.

Nice, France

Blue sea
Just down the coast from the fantastic city of Monaco is a beautiful little town in France called Nice. The town has a much more relaxed pace than Monaco but with a setting that’s just as beautiful.

Shop, go for a drive or just sit back and relax. It’s not one of the warmest places you’ll find over winter but if you’re looking for somewhere beautiful and quiet, this is the place for you.

Temperature Dec-Feb: 50F (10C) average.

Where we’d like to stay: Le Grimaldi, a retreat that’s perfect all year round. The rooms are all individually decorated in the traditional style and you get some real French character from this little hotel.

Johannesburg, South Africa

130209 Yeoville and Ponte-224
This South African city is colourful and vibrant place with lots of night life to sample. If that’s not your style then you’re not too far away from some amazing national parks. Grab yourself a local guide and visit some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet.

Temperature Dec-Feb: 67F (20C) average.

Where we’d like to stay: Monarch Hotel, a beautifully decorated place to stay. This isn’t part of a chain, which only adds to its charm. The whole place is decorated with modern South African art and each suite provides plenty of space to relax.

Cancun, Mexico

Caribbean near Tulum
This is well known as a party destination but it also caters for families and people looking for a quite break. You can stay in the resort or you can use Cancun as your base for the ruins of Tulum and Chichén Itzá.

Temperature Dec-Feb: 74F (24C) average.

Where we’d like to stay: Bel Air Collection Resort and Spa Cancun, a beautiful hotel right in the middle of the action. There’s a spa, sushi bar and they have their own restaurant offering Mexican-fusion cuisine.

Pattaya, Thailand

Secluded Beach
There are family friendly resorts and plenty of stunning surrounding islands to visit too. Treat yourself to a spot of jetskiing, a round of golf on one of 21 golf courses or maybe head to an amusement park for the day, there are plenty to choose from.

Temperature Dec-Feb: 74F (24C) average.

Where we’d like to stay: Pullman Pattaya Hotel G. This is the height of luxury in this part of Thailand. You get beautiful Thai architecture along with modern decor, a private beach, yoga classes, and three bars to choose from.