Where can you shop with Apple Pay?

Apple has done it again, this time with the innovative Apple Pay. Not only does this new service from the tech giant make it easier to buy within apps but it also makes buying in-store much easier too. It’s secure and simple to pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

The iPhone 6 is leading this revolution with its innovative Near Field Communication antenna. This means you don’t have to open an app, or even wake your phone, just hold it near the contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID button on your phone. With other devices, it’s a simple as a few clicks to get the process started.

There are hundreds of thousands of stores that accept Apple Pay, here are just a few.

American Eagle Outfitters


If you have an AEO near you then you can now pay with your phone. As if you needed an excuse to go shopping!


NYC: Bloomingdale's

Convenience is key at Bloomingdale’s, there’s so much on offer and now it’s easier to pay than ever.

Coca Cola Vending

Coca-Cola, etc.

Yes, some new vending machines will now accept Apple Pay. Afternoon refreshment just got even easier!

Foot Locker

Footlocker Store Canada

I think we should all go shopping for new sneakers.



Another fantastic department store that allows you to pay with you phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that perfect dress for a party or are just popping in to pick up your favourite perfume, there’s something here for everyone.


Sephora Rouge

Sephora is known for its bright colors and wide range of cosmetics and beauty products. A little shopping spree might be exactly what you need ahead of the height of summer.


Subway Foot Long Roast Beef

Apple Pay also allows you to get your hands on delicious food from Subway. Fast food is getting faster and even more convenient.

Walt Disney World

Disney - Magic

Apple Pay just made Disney even more magical!


Whole Foods Grocery Store Supermarket Food Store. Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia #WholeFoods  #Whole FoodsLogo #wholeFoodsGroceryStore #WholeFoodsSign #WholeFoodSuperMarket

Need to get your shopping done in a hurry, just hold your iPhone 6 over the contactless reader at the till and you’re good to go!


You can also make in-app purchases with Apple Pay at these stores. Find out more here.

60s Inspired Swimwear, Here are my picks, what’s Yours?

We’re loving Natasha’s sixties-style swimwear picks. Just in time for summer!

60s Inspired Swimwear I absolutely love fashion from the 60s, from the A-Line and Shift Dress to Stiletto Heels and 60s inspired swimwear is nothing short of genius! And since it is beach season from where I sit, it’s time to nail down some looks…

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The best of #OOTD on Instagram

We love a good outfit of the day here at Shoplinkz, I like seeing different styles and drawing inspiration from what other people are wearing. We’ve been gathering some of our favorite Instagrammers and their #OOTD posts, here are our recommendations.


Shop this look from @maristellago at ootdmagazine.com

A photo posted by OOTD Magazine (@ootdmagazine) on

Lydia E Millen


New articleeee :3 http://luniechan.blogspot.be/2015/05/the-keys-2015-part-2-walk-in-key-west.html?m=1

A photo posted by Lunie Chan (@luniechan) on

Nadia Aboulhosn

New blog post wearing @shoedazzle heels. Links on my blog. www.nadiaaboulhosn.com #ootd #fashion #TieUpHeels #blogger

A photo posted by Nadia Aboulhosn (@nadiaaboulhosn) on

The Native Fox

#basics wearing a T by Alexander Wang bra and tank & Isabel Marant pants.

A photo posted by Jennifer Grace (@thenativefox) on



Sartorial legends.

A photo posted by Jet Shanahan (@jetlbomb) on

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Etsy picks: Home


There’s always space in my kitchen for Heisenberg-themed items. I almost bought this for my boyfriend (who’s a big Breaking Bad fan) but shipping to my location almost doubles the price! Check out NomadGifts for this and so much more!Paws

Love baking? Love pets? This rolling pin is definitely needed in your house. I just want to make doggy biscuits all stamped with paws for my four-legged friends. From RollingWoods on Etsy, there are loads more designs too.shelves

Need more storage in your home? These hanging shelves look pretty and don’t take up much space either. Add some book ends and they’d make a great bookshelf. Take a look at Designershelving for more designs.Table lamp

This is a really cool table lamp that would look great in a trendy loft or stylish apartment. There’s an almost industrial feel to that big, exposed lightbulb. Check out ninosheadesign for more.Wine o saurWe all need a bit more dinosaur in our homes. This wine bottle holder is really fun and is bound to be a talking point amongst your friends at any dinner party. Get your own Wine-O-Saur here.



The Breccan Jacket from Belstaff

breccan_jacket_72100404_TDo you ever see an item of clothing so beautiful that you have to share it with the world? Well, I hope so because that’s what Shoplinkz is for but I recently came across a jacket from Belstaff that absolutely blew me away.

Firstly, let’s talk about green suede because there’s something both edgy and luxurious about this unusual combination. It’s a nice step away from the suede we see on a day-to-day basis and ticks all the boxes when it comes to color too.

Then there’s the biker shape and the fringe detail. These little tassels are so in this season, we’re seeing them everywhere; from kimonos, to dresses. Keep an eye out for a How to Wear feature soon!

If you’re looking for the perfect jacket, you can buy it here.

Even if this green beauty doesn’t do it for you, Belstaff has the most amazing range of outwear I’ve ever seen!


How to wear: That 70’s Style

70’s looks can be seriously diverse; from cropped to maxi, flares to fringe. This decade is defined by its textures, colours, and cuts, making it really easy to replicate on the high street.

How to wear: That 70's Dress


This off-the-shoulder number goes beautifully with suede and floral motifs. Add some jazzy tights for an extra burst of colour.

How to wear: That 70's Fringe


Brown, blue, and orange tones have the advantage of being both super 70’s and also complimenting each other. A soft skirt with a long fringe adds movement to the look, and that hint of leopard print really pops.

How to wear: That 70's Look


Flares are one of those rare beasts that really do suit all body types. Bonus points for a bold pattern combined with a jewel-bright velvet top and a smidge of crochet on the side.


How to fit charity into your daily routine

We all like to do our bit for charity and donate where we can but being more strapped for cash than ever, we’re limited to the funds we can give to good causes. Thankfully, there are other ways to do something for charity be it in small amounts or through donations from third parties. Here are the apps, cards and websites that make charity giving a part of your everyday life.

One Today

This app from Google lets you discover great new causes. Every day a new non-profit organization is featured on the app, if you like what they do, Google makes it easy for you to donate $1. You can also share the organization’s details with your friends across social media and even match their donations.


What if you could give a South Sudanese child clean water instead of having your morning coffee? This app allows you to swap out those everyday luxuries we take for granted and donate the money saved to great causes. You can change the world $3 at a time.


Charity miles

The miles you run and bike can translate into real money for great causes. All you do is start up the app, choose a charity and begin your workout routine. Cyclists get 10 cents per mile while walkers and runners get 25 cents per mile for their chosen charity. This is a great way to do you bit for charity while getting fit, how’s that for motivation!

iOS and Android

Donate a Photo

We’re taking more photos than ever so why not put them to good use. The Donate a Photo app will donate $1 to the cause of your choice for every photo you share through the app. You can donate one photo per day and you’ll also get updates on your favourite charities and how close they are to reaching their goals.

iOS and Android

Check-in for Good

This works a lot like Foursquare but when you check-in, the business you’re visiting will donate to a good cause and you’ll receive a promotional offer, which will encourage you to return. It’s really easy for organizations to set up a cause page allowing them to receive donations.

iOS and Android

Charity Fuel Card

Charity fuel card

This is a great initiative in the UK that allows businesses to donate to the cause of their choice every time they fill up their cars. The card is run through Shell and its partner garages and this means that any business with a card benefits from a clever weekly pricing system. This means that business can fulfil their CSR requirements, give to charity and save money on fuel.


Giving back to charity need not be about giving away your cash but it can be about giving up your time. Find a cause you really care about and see if you’re able to volunteer. This might be walking the dogs from the local shelter, building something at an old people’s home, or spending time with children in need.

Donate clothing

If you have a high turnover of clothes in your wardrobe, like I do, you should donate anything unwanted to a charity shop. Charity shops make money for their cause by selling on the clothes but there are also charities that will take your old garments and give them to people in need.

How do you work charity giving into your day-to-day life?


Get glowing skin for summer

Summer is approaching so it’s natural for everyone to look their best. Especially if there is an important vacation planned! However, as people get rid of the various layers worn to see them through the winter months, they perhaps find that their skin is not at its best. Good skincare is essential throughout the year but in the summer there are so many more damaging factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Good hydration

Skin that is properly hydrated will always look better and this will help it to stand up to the heat of summer. It is recommended that a person drinks 2litres/8oz of water each day, but other fluids can also help to keep the skin and body properly hydrated. Green tea is a good option as this also has plenty of antioxidants to help flush away any toxins. Properly hydrated skin will be clearer and appear fresher.

Good nutrition


The same principle used for water can also be applied to food. If you spend much of your time consuming junk food, high sugar and high fat foods your skin will suffer. Salty foods can dehydrate so these should also be avoided, if you do have a salty meal, make sure to drink lots of water to replace the fluids lost. Altering the diet to include plenty of fruits and vegetables is important. Green vegetables will also help the immune system. Cutting back on meat intake is also a good option as this is difficult for the body to digest.

Good skincare

Following a number of rules when it comes to skin care will help to keep your skin glowing and in tip-top shape for summer. The first is to use a sunscreen. This will protect the skin from harmful UVA rays that in time could cause the development of skin cancer. A high sun protection factor is recommended and it should be reapplied regularly throughout the day for maximum benefits. The sun can also be very aging and dehydrating on the skin; using a sunscreen can help to keep the signs of aging at bay. Look for moisturizers and foundations that also contain an sun protection factor.

Glowing skin can also be helped with proper exfoliation. This is essential for removing dead skin cells and allowing the fresh skin to shine through. Exfoliation is not just for the face; it can be applied to the whole of the body and it should be done a few times a week – but not every day.

Good quality products should be used on the face and you should consider your skin type too as using the wrong products is going to make your skincare routine less effective. Cleansing the face properly twice a day should be an important part of the routine and a good moisturizer will be needed. Water-based moisturizers are often recommended for the best results and this should also be done twice a day.

Benefits of glowing skin

Most people would like to think that others notice them and glowing skin can help to achieve that. Skin that is clearer and sun-kissed without being sun damaged will attract attention and it is so easy to achieve with a little effort. The summer months are a chance to show off good skin and make the most of the good weather so make a few changes now.

If you want to look sun-kissed then the best way to do it is with a gradual tanning lotion as these give a healthy glow without looking fake.


The New Nike Liberty Collection

If you’re in the UK then you’ll no doubt know about the Liberty of London brand. The Merlin print, which you’ll see on these shoes was first designed for a silk scarf back in 1972 and it works so well on these Nike sneakers. I’m so in love with these that I just had to share them with you. All these shoes are available from UK store Office but they ship internationally so everyone can get in on these great designs.

thea_1These Air Max Thea sneakers are a nice mix of the traditional Air Max style and a more simple running shoe. This print looks great alongside the Nike logo and the bold silhouette means they’d look great with shorts or leggins.

cortez_1The Cortez was made famous in Forrest Gump and is one of the most vintage styles in this collection. The Liberty print goes perfectly with this old-school style.

Tennis_1These classic tennis shoes are the most patterned of the collection. Great for standing out on the tennis court or looking fashionable in the street. Wear with anything from jeans to a nice dress.

airmax_1Finally, my favorites from the collection. These Air Max 90 Ultra sneakers are a modern version of the famous Air Max 90 with a slightly slimmer silhouette. Embrace the nineties feel of these trainers in everything else you wear.