Get that sixties style with some real inspiration

We were inspired by this amazing post over on Mashable and thought we’d take it one step further to show you just how you can get this sixties look. These high school students and teachers from the 1960s are super-stylish so if you want to get the authentic look, take some pointers from them.

Highschoolers In 'Hippy' Fashions

Patterned tights and leggings worn with simple mini dresses are the way forward for these ladies. If you want to recreate this look, take a look at these great patterned leggings from ASOS or these flower child leggings from Etsy.Highschoolers In 'Hippy' Fashions

Good news for anyone who wants to recreate this efflortlessly cool vibe, dungarees are back! Try these bleach wash overalls for a similar look and pair them with simple sneakers like these Keds.Highschooler In 'Hippy' Fashions

Go wild with your fringing! This fringed suede jacket would go with any outfit and it’s authentic too! Pair with gladiator sandals.High School Teacher In 'Hippy' FashionFinally, this chic teacher is wearing a printed mini dress with a matching headband. Such an easy look to recreate you could either go for vintage – like this atomic print dress – or you could go for something very similar but a bit more modern – such as this Urban Outfitters tunic.


What to wear to an awards ceremony

It might be your school awards or it might be The Oscars, if you’re heading to a black tie event there’s a strict dress code you’ll need to adhere to. I’m off to an awards ceremony next week and it’s got me thinking a lot about what to wear. Click on any of the images to be taken to the product page.

Xscape Beaded Blouson GownDecode 1.8 Embellished Gown

If you’re going to be strutting the red carpet then you’re going to need something that stands out against those scarlet tones. Pale dresses such as these two are a safe bet and these simple designs are timeless too.

Bcbgmaxazria Silk Cutout GownHailey Logan Sequined Cutout Gown

If you want some sex appeal to your dress but don’t want to be inappropriate, go for a cutout style. These show off just the right amount of skin while keeping things classy.

Theia Embellished GownCachet Long Sleeved Empire Gown

If you want to play it safe then you can go with a black gown but make sure it has a bit of glitz to it too. Both of these dresses are perfect for an awards ceremony as they’re sleek ans beautiful. That gold leaf texture is very on trend too!

What would you wear to an awards ceremony?

23_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0022 (Copy)

Menswear trends 2015

I have to say, the menswear trends for 2015 are pretty cool. It looks like you need to ditch the gray, fill your wardrobe with denim and start embracing bold prints

Colorful accents

You might do this with a bright hat, or you might choose a colorful coat that’s going to brighten up everyone’s day. You don’t have to go over the top here, but if you don’t usually wear color, perhaps give it a go this year.


No,not just jeans.Think sleek denim jackets and shirts.

Prints galore

We know that florals for spring has been done but that’s not to say you shouldn’t give it a go. If florals aren’t you’re style,look fro graphic comic book prints.

Low cut

Show off some chest and maybe even some abs with this trend. This is easily recreated with a barely buttoned shirt, or you could buy a nice deep-v t-shirt.

What trends are you going to be wearing?

Fashion weeks around the world

International Fashion Week: The Big Four & Their Fashion Styles – An infographic by the team at vouchercloud

This is a really interesting infographic that gives all sorts of stats on the upcoming fashion weeks. We’ll be bringing you the latest from Paris, Milan, London and New York and rounding up all the trends to come from these shows. We’re quite excited for the edgy looks that will be coming from London and we may even give you a bit of an insight into the lesser-know fashion weeks of the world.


How to create the perfect home gym for cardio

It’s a new year and no doubt a lot of you are on the road to being in the best shape you’ve ever been. Fitness equipment is getting cheaper so it’s now relatively easy to build your own home gym full of rowing machines, treadmills and weights. Here are some tips on building the perfect home gym.

Rowing machines

A rowing machine should be the cornerstone of your gym. It’s a great piece of equipment that can help you to build all over strength while getting the heart pumping and lungs working hard.

Whether you want to work on strength or cardio, there are rowing machine workouts out there for you. Medium resistance, fast workouts with a lot of power behind them are good for cardio and fat loss whereas higher resistance, powerful workouts will build your leg, arm, shoulder and back muscles.


Running is such a good way to lose weight and build your basic level of fitness. Add in an interval session to your regular workout to get your heart pumping, or build your endurance by trying to beat that 5km time.

A treadmill is also great for low impact exercise. Walk at a steady pace, with an incline of about 3% for 20 minutes every day and you’ll soon start to see your fitness improve. Increase the speed an incline as you get fitter.


Weights are good for cardio, despite what some people might think. Big, compound moves like squats burn a huge amount of calories, depending on your weight and how much you are lifting. All cardio sessions should have some form of weight training in there too.

If you want to save money or don’t need a lot of weights then go for a kettlebell as these are so versatile. You can squat holding this above your head, work on your shoulders with upright rows, carry it while doing walking lunges or work on balance and strength while doing Turkish get ups.

Weights are integral to your cardio workout and it’s the strength training moves that will keep your metabolism going so you continue to burn fat even when you’re not working out.

Example workouts

Sprint on the treadmill for 60 seconds (this depends on your fitness level, you want to be very out of breath at the end of the sprint), then complete 10 kettlebell swings, 10 push ups and 10 weighted squats. Do this two-five times, depending on your fitness level, for an amazing cardio workout.

Row 1000m as fast as you can. Follow that with 10 squat and press, 10 burpees and 10 upright rows. Repeat two-five times, depending on your fitness level. This will help to build all over body strength while improving your cardiovascular system.


Hair trends for 2015

The key to hair trends this year is to keep it simple, don’t overstyle your hair or try anything too over-the-top. Instead, go for simple dos that are easy to create and maintain. If you have wavy hair, all you need to do is wash it and scrunch in some mousse. For those of you with straight hair, go for a loose plait. Curly-haired ladies have a whole host of options from a big, textured look to a French braid. Here are some trends that will continue to be big in 2015.

Expert Laura Meredith from said: “Styles come and go and some of the top trends for 2015 we’ve certainly seen before and no doubt will see countless times again.

“Plaits and braids have been making a comeback over the last couple of years and show no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s a fishtail plait, a braided bun or a French plait, then you’re bang on trend.

“2015 is all about fuss free hair and having fun with your locks. Over styled hair is a definite no – instead it’s about embracing and enhancing your look and bringing out you inner child.”

Braids and Plaits


hair Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli

The catwalks have been full of braided and plaited styles for Spring / Summer 2015. This on trend look is so versatile. You could wear your hair in a striking fishtail plait, a stylish French braid or a messy side plait. Or you could braid a small section of hair. The style can be elegant and classy, or loose and messy – it all depends on the look you want to create.


Crimping was massive in the 80s and is set for a revival in 2015. Styles are much more refined with small sections of the hair crimped and tied into a ponytail or low bun. If you crimp sparingly then you can’t go wrong.

Wet look hair




A short, sassy style with a wet slicked back look is the style to go for if you have cropped hair. For longer locks, try tumbling wet look waves or wearing your hair sleek over the crown with loose, bouncy hair at the back.

Low ponytails

Stylish low ponytails have been popular in all the major catwalk shows. Keep your ponytail low and sleek and you’ll be bang on trend.

Boho waves


Elie Saab

Elie Saab

The boho look is going to be massive once again for 2015. This is all about fuss free hair, embracing your natural style and loving it. So forget hours with the straighteners, instead let those curls tumble. If you have shorter hair and want to recreate this look, try hair extensions – beautiful waves without the pain of growing out your hair.


Everyone loves a bun – whether it’s a loose, just got out of bed bun or a sleek, highly styled ballerina bun, they’re big news for 2015. They’re elegant, perfect for day or night and great if you want a relaxed, chilled look for the beach.

How are you wearing your hair?


Amazing storage options for your home

Storage is one of those things that can keep our homes looking chic and tidy. Great storage options are so important if you have kids or a small house because you can tidy away anything that doesn’t need to be out, this reduces the amount of clutter around your home. There are some amazing, innovative storage options out there, here are some that will blow you away. Just click the pictures to find out more about each item.

Brassex Beige Fabric Bench With Storage

Not only is this a fantastic looking bench for your home but it also has hidden storage underneath. This is perfect for hiding away kids toys, throws, cushions and other bits and bobs.

Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

Got lots of old vinyl hanging around? Check out this amazing storage rack. It works for vinyl, magazines and books.

Zig-Zag Gaming Storage Tower For Nintendo Wii

Need somewhere to store your Wii and all the accessories? This storage tower stops all those guitars and Wiimotes cluttering up the coffee table and sofa.

This super cute set of stacking bookcases is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, or colorful living rooms.Tired of your jewelry just floating around the house? Get yourself one of these, they’re great for storing rings, earrings, necklaces and watches.


Fashion trends for 2015

Want to get on top of the latest trends? Check out these easy items you can add to your wardrobe for an instant update. 2015 fashion trends come in all shapes and sizes, let us know what you’re wearing over on Twitter and Facebook.


Got for glitter when it comes to your partywear in 2015. We love this dress from Urban Outfitters, you’ll be turning heads and looking like a mermaid while you do it.

If all-over sequins aren’t for you, try adding come glitz with a sequin clutch or sparkly high heels. Check out our post on how to wear sequins.


Vestido FloralThis is a trend that’s here to stay and we’re happy about that. Whether it’s the watercolor look or something with a bit more texture, you’ll be seeing lots of flower power in spring and summer of this year.

Polka dot

Black Polka Dot Shift Shirt

It doesn’t matter if you’re style is retro or grunge, preppy or alternative, there’s some polka dots out there for you. I love mixing these prints then giving it all a bit of a punk edge with a simple leather jacket.

Ballerina beauty

Big tulle skirts, pale pinks and nudes along with simple shoes and the ever-popular ballerina bun. There are so many ways this look can work for you.

Gladiators are back

The gladiator sandals are back. These comfy summer shoes go with almost anything and their heeled counterparts work perfectly with a nice dress, bare legs and a little bit of a tan.



Whether your preference is leather khaki shorts like these from Tibi or whether you prefer the simple explorer look, there’s some khaki out there for you in 2015.


Isaac Mizrahi Live! Textured Tuxedo Jacket

The tuxedo is going to be big in 2015 and not just for men. Look for sleek, fitted jackets like this one or go for longline blazers with matching shorts and a sheer shirt. There are so many ways to wear this look, all of which we’ll be covering in the coming months.


New Year’s resolutions you might actually keep

Lose X pounds, save Y money and so on. While goals can be good, they’re also a bit daunting and that is often the reason that so many people give up by February. Instead of placing massive restrictions on yourself or setting insane goals, give yourself a focus. Once you’re in the swing of things, then you can start to goal set.

Get healthy


Depending on who you are, this could mean all sorts of things. It could simply mean to stop smoking. For others it might be about getting in the gym, eating clean and reducing alcohol intake. If you pledge to get healthy in 2015 then you need to have an idea of how you’re going to do it. Health is, to a point, subjective so think about how you’d like to look and feel at the end of 2015.

This isn’t just about weight… You might want to feel stronger, more confident or simply stop getting all those annoying colds that you’re sure are down to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Two pieces of advice for anyone getting healthy in 2015, drink lots of water (8oz/2.5l per day) and get enough sleep (around eight hours a night).

Explore somewhere new


This might be a part of your town you’ve never been to before or it might be a whole new city. You don’t have to travel the world but start with somewhere close to home and let your wanderlust grow from there. I like to find new places to explore by road then have a wander around on foot. It’s a great way to get to a place then really take in its charms and beauty.

Do something that scares you


Genuine fear

Last year I did a number of things that scare me, personally. I flung myself down Europe’s fastest zipwire, something that terrified me but it was an amazing experience and I’d do it again in a flash. It’s an experience that makes you feel so alive! You don’t have to jump out of a plane or embark on a ghost hunt to do something that scares you but at least try making the first move when you find someone you’re attracted to, or go to a networking event to try and meet new people.

Cut out toxic relationships


This can be a really hard thing to do and, actually, it stands apart on this list because it might not be a resolution you can keep but cutting toxic people out of your life can change everything. If there’s someone constantly bringing you down, slowly stop seeing them. If you care about them, try and work it out but ultimately, you might be a happier person with fewer people in your life.

Learn a new language

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Start with something like Busuu or Duolingo, both are interactive sites that can get you to grips with a new language. From there you can put your skills to the test in a new country (see the resolution of exploring somewhere new) or you can find some native speakers to chat to online (Busuu is great for this).

Embrace romance

If you’re one of those people who is very guarded when it comes to the people you date, maybe this year you should start to relax a little and see where things go. The truth is, you don’t need to plan every single part of a blossoming relationship, just see where it goes. This New Year’s resolution is down to you, it might be a chance for you to get back into dating, take up a hobby where you might meet someone, or sign up to an online dating site.

For couples, this could be a chance to reignite a dwindling flame. Go on dates again, take a romantic trip away (in a castle, I definitely recommend a castle) and spend some quality time together.

Read more books

For some people this might be to get through one book. For others it might be to get through 30 books. You might even just want to read a non-fiction series that will make you money in 2015. Whatever your existing relationship with books, it can’t hurt to read at least one more than you did in 2014.

Start a blog

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while, now’s the time to do it. We’ve got some guides for bloggers right here on the Shoplinkz blog and we’re even looking for bloggers to work with in 2015!

Do your research on the best platforms, you can always change if it doesn’t work out for you, speak to friends about the topic you want to write about and start writing blog posts.

Stop doing things you don’t want to do

We’ve all been there, getting dragged off to a party you really don’t want to go to, or buying Christmas gifts for people you barely know. Let 2015 be the year you say no. Don’t go out of your way to upset or annoy people but perhaps cut down on the things that you don’t want to do. I implemented an element of this in my life in the year just gone and I can’t tell you how freeing it is not to have to stand around trying to make small talk with strangers three times a week.

Learn to take a compliment

Stop brushing off compliments with self-deprecating statements. If someone says something nice about your hair don’t reply with ‘oh, you should’ve seen it this morning!’ and don’t be humble and say something like ‘oh, no, it’s a mess today’. Just say thank you and a appreciate the fact that someone noticed.

Good luck with whatever New Year’s resolutions you decide on. Here’s to a healthy, happy, exciting 2015.

Happy New Year!

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What’s planned for Shoplinkz in 2015?

It’ll be 2015 in just a few days and although we may not have posted much over this holiday period, we’ve been busy behind the scenes to make Shoplinkz bigger and better than ever. Not only do we have a whole host of great posts lined up for you in the new year but we’re making all sorts of improvements to the main site too.

More contests

Our iPad Air 2 contest went down brilliantly and it introduced so many new people to our social shopping dashboard. We’ve already been talking about more contests in 2015 so watch this space or subscribe to the blog (using the form on the right of this page) to stay up-to-date.

More rewards for regular users

We can’t give away the details just yet but we’re going to implement some exciting new features into the site that will means regular users get rewarded for creating lists, inviting friends and shoplinking products.

Blogger collaborations

We’re looking for bloggers to work with. We can offer content, a place to for your guest posts, freebies, early access and some other exciting things we can’t tell you about yet. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we’ve got planned for a select team of bloggers email

Loads of new design features

We love how the site looks at the moment but it’d be wrong to tell you we didn’t have something up our sleeves.

Great content

We’ve been listening to what you want when it comes to content and have been working hard to create posts that people genuinely want to read and will find helpful. If you want to let us know what you’d like to see on the site comment below or come and say hello on social media.

Find out more about the team

You may have seen our new team page where you can find out who’s behind Shoplinkz but you’ll have more chances to get to know us in 2015!