Beachy waves the easy way

Surf InfusionlrSince its creation in 2001, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray has been the go-to choice for creating sexy, beachy, windswept waves (even miles from shore). A behind-the-scenes secret of editorial stylists on beach shoots used to be spritzing sea water on hair the hair of models. Stylists wanted to bring this concept into the salon and on set. A hairdresser’s dream in a bottle, the first-of-its kind Surf Spray gave way to easy volume, light hold and a perfect matte finish, whenever and wherever, capturing the once remote styling secrets of beach shoots.

Now, introducing a new salt-in-oil formula, Surf Infusion reveals a new way to style on or off the beach. For years, surfers have used oils to combat the drying effects of salt water in their hair following an ocean dip. This new bi-phase formula features a sea-salt bottom phase and an oil-based top phase infused together – just shake to activate.

Dry or coarser types will benefit from a mellow blend of tropical oils and sea botanicals that condition hair while still getting the sexy, beachy texture of Surf; a sea mineral blend builds tousled, touchable texture; and UV protectants help guard against the damaging effects of the sun so hair stays looking healthy. Surf Infusion is a swell solution for those seeking sea-tossed waves but in need of a little extra conditioning.

To use: Shake (very) well to a seabreezy blue before use. Spray evenly on damp or dry hair, focusing on the lengths. Style – scrunching works well – and let air dry, or you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

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Classic bike

New classic ladies geared bike from Mango Bikes

Mango Bikes pride themselves on pioneering, quality, yet affordable bikes and have developed a bicycle for those women who require reliability, comfort and of course style. Focusing on the intermediate lifestyle and urban road bikes market, Mango Bikes are a refreshing alternative to the daunting high street bike shop.

After launching in 2012, Mango Bikes is now a firm consumer and press favourite who have really made their mark on the cycling world, especially in the UK – they pride themselves on bicycles which exude quality, functionality with exciting, fresh and funky designs. The continued and growing fascination with cycling in the UK as a sport and a hobby, especially with the female market has enabled the brand to grow their unisex offering and thus launch their ladies bikes.

The Mango Bikes Ladies Classic RRP is £279.99 ($436.50) and is set to be this summer’s must have. This style is available in five beautiful colors (cream, green, blue, raspberry and black) with matching pannier and chain guard as standard and an optional wicker basket.

Find out more about these gorgeous bikes here. Which color would you choose?


Gameify your wakeup with the new app from Redbull

Great news for the sleepyhead in all of us: Red Bull Media House today launched Red Bull Alert, a highly visual and uniquely competitive sports-themed alarm clock app for Android and Android Wear. The app provides inspiration with customisable sports themes and motivation to get out of bed faster with a competitive leaderboard and instant daily feedback.

Red Bull Alert includes nine different image-rich sports backgrounds to choose from, including aerial sports, BMX, Formula 1, MTB, MX-FMX, rally, surfing, skating and snowboarding. Each theme is equipped with exclusively orchestrated music that fits the taste of each audience.

The leaderboard lets Red Bull Alert users see how they rank next to their friends, and detailed statistics show their improvement (or lack thereof) over time. It also integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so users can proudly share their accomplishments.

Red Bull Alert is available today exclusively for Android and Android Wear devices.
Download in the Google Play store.

Key Features:

  • Instant Feedback: Innovative snooze and dismiss interaction, instant feedback on the lock screen, motivational background images
  • Detailed Stats: Set goals to motivate yourself, track your progress, detailed history data
  • Alarm Themes: Choose from nine different sports themes (Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing, Aerial Sports, FMX, Rally, Formula 1, BMX, and Mountain Biking) with exclusive wake-up sounds and amazing imagery
  • Social Leaderboards: Compete with your friends, find out who wakes up first and fastest, and share through Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Homehacks that could revolutionize your life

These little tips will hopefully give you a bit of a eureka moment. You’ll wonder how you ever did without these in your life.

Use a bowl as an amplifier

If yore anything like me, while you’re cooking, cleaning or entertaining, you like to listen to music. It’s not always practical to have a CD player or speaker system nearby so I usually use the music on my phone.

The speakers on most phones aren’t great, you can amplify the sound by putting your phone in a bowl.

Get to know freebie, voucher and cash back sites well

This might not be a traditional home hack but it can revolutionise how you organise your home. You can find free samples, money saving vouchers and can get cash back on loads of things. This will help you to save money on all sorts of thing, leaving you with a bit of cash to spend on more exciting things.

Use a dishwasher on your old sponges

If you usually throw away your sponges when they start to get a bit grubby, you can breathe a bit of life back into them by putting them through a dishwasher cycle. Better than throwing them away regularly and letting them end up in landfill.

Use a can opener to open annoying plastic seals

You know those plastic seals you get on gadgets and the like? The ones that are even difficult to open with scissors. Use a can opener on edge instead, it works a treat.

Sandwich bags as piping bags

Want to ice a cake but don’t have any piping bags around? Fill a sandwich bag with your buttercream icing and snip off the corner as you would with a regular piping bag.

Track your water consumption

If you’re trying to be a bit healthier then get a bottle that holds around a litre of water or more. Write on it with a permanent marker the times you need to have drunk that amount of water by. Do this with as many bottles as you need until you hit the 2.5 litres you’re supposed to have each day.

I’d love to know if you have any more home hacks. Let us know in the comments.


Tips for festival goers: The essentials

Festivals are unique experiences. Where else would you listen to a whole host of fantastic bands while sleeping (relatively) rough, not showering for days and eating a weird combination of different foods each day?

Surviving a festival is easy but what about keeping comfortable? Here are a few essentials that will get you through a festival weekend and make it one to remember too.

Selfie stick

They’re always shunned but these simple devices can transform your photos from a festival. Get shots of you and your friends together, capture the whole crowd mid-dance and show off the spectacular surroundings you’re staying in (be they muddy fields, the middle of the desert or a lush forest).

Easy energy

By day three of a long festival weekend, you might be flagging a little – be it from dancing, too much alcohol, or not enough sleep – it’s important to keep your energy levels up by drinking plenty of water and eating properly. The latter isn’t always possible, however, so get your hands on some glucose tablets to keep those energy levels up. Fruit works just as well in this respect but it can sometimes be difficult to come across at a festival and won’t keep well in your tent if you bring some from home!

Body wipes

Body wipes can help you to stay fresh after days without showering. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from deodorising wipes and intimate wipes, through to huge towel-sized wipes that are the perfect way to refresh yourself.

Dry shampoo

This stuff works a treat on unwashed hair and it can instantly transform your style back to what it should be. Dry shampoo comes in all sorts of forms, including a volume-boosting variety that can give you big festival hair for the whole weekend.


Wellington boots are a must-have, especially if you’re going to a festival in the UK! Not only are these a stylish festival look but they’re practical too for all those puddles you wish to jump in.


This is so important, even if you don’t think you’re going to be directly in the sun. Sun damage can cause all sorts of problems including skin cancer and premature ageing. A high factor of 30-50 should protect you but make sure you reapply throughout the day.

If you can avoid sunburn, stay comfortable and alert, you’re going to have a fantastic time. No doubt you’ll still need to sleep for a few days afterwards but these festival tips will help you through. Let us know what your festival essentials are.