AW14 trends from River Island

River Island’s new AW14 collection is full of texture, prints, patterns and more. We can already see plenty of trends emerging here and we wanted to share them with you. There are some really amazing pieces here.

02_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0018 (Copy)

Winter whites are here. I love this look, especially with that big fur collar. This look is luxurious, chic and easy to replicate with clothes you might already have in your wardrobe.12_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0046 (Copy)

This dress is simple and sexy and it can be dressed up or down in all sorts of ways. Red is a great color for fall, this kind of vibrancy is well needed when it starts to get a little colder and darker.13_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0007 (Copy) Here are those layers and prints. A great monochrome look that works perfectly as one. There’s no individual piece of clothing that stands out here. This is how layering should be done.15_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0024 (Copy)

There’s something a bit bohemian traveller about this. The fur, the prints and those metallic trousers all work together to create a really dreamy look that would work with the buzz of New York City just as well as it would feel in the middle of rural England.19_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0003 (Copy)

Again, lots of texture here but a very different look. This is edgy and sexy. There’s PVC, fur and a wooly turtleneck. Rules and being broken in this look and that’s very good news indeed.23_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0022 (Copy)Finally, this post would not be complete without this menswear look. This jumper has completely stolen my heart. It’s a really simple leopard print look with that beautiful green but there’s something really sophisticated about this.

What do you think of River Island’s new collection?


Beauty bloggers to follow for makeup inspiration

Beauty BroadcastBeauty Broadcast is blog featuring all sorts of beauty reviews including this new Urban Decay Electric palette (which I need to get my hands on). The looks are gorgeous and the reviews are nicely in depth.Into the GlossInto the Gloss is a beauty news site written by a number of talented beauty writers. It features gorgeous photos, product reviews and more.

Tanya BurrTanya Burr’s blog is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content that will give you loads of inspiration. This is a great blog if you love posts populated with lots of photography.

ViviannaVivianna Does Makeup is a blog full of inspirational looks and helpful product reviews. The photography is beautiful and for those of you who like video, she even has a YouTube channel.

 ZoellaFinally we have Zoella’s beautiful blog. Here you’ll find reviews of all sorts of beauty products as well as haul posts. It’s a great place to keep up with the latest releases, and get advice on the products you should be buying.


How to wear: Vintage

Vintage clothes are easy to find and you can buy them from anything from $5 up to $500. It’s the kind of fashion that will make you stand out but you do have to make a little bit of effort when hunting down beautiful pieces. You may be able to find vintage gems in thrift stores but a dedicated vintage shop would be the best place to start. You might have to have a bit of a rummage and try on everything that catches your eye but it’ll be worth it in the end.

One of the things that puts a lot of people off vintage clothes is looking like they are in fancy dress. The trick to pulling it off is to mix your vintage pieces with modern items. Don’t try and make your sixties dress look more so with go-go boots and a beehive.

None of the pieces in these sets are vintage but instead in the style of something you might find in a vintage store.

Vintage: 70s flares
Vintage: Tee and cutoffs
Vintage: The sixties shift

How do you wear vintage?


Wearable tech is here to stay

There’s been so much information thrown at us for the past year about wearable technology. We’ve been wowed by Google Glass, bombarded by new smartwatch announcements and there are more wearable fitness trackers out there than we can shake a stick at. It looks like wearable tech is here to stay, though, so here’s a round up of the coolest.

Google Glass


Google Glass wearers do look a little silly but it does some really cool stuff. It’s great for fitness as the heads up display will show you just how well you’re doing; hands free, of course. t’s also great for navigation, whether you’re walking or driving, you’ll always be able to see where you’re going.

The voice commands also allow you to do things like play music, send messages and more. All very useful if you’re out running, driving or perhaps even snowboarding.

Samsung Gear 2


This smartwatch is elegant and simple. It connects beautifully with your Samsung phone and it means you can take your notifications, messages and more with you. It also has a built in fitness tracker that even has a heart rate sensor. This makes it very accurate and can give you an idea of how hard you’re working.

There’s also a remote, various skins, a music player and it’s water resistant too.

Misfit shine


This is a simple fitness tracker that will help you to move more and sleep better. It connects via bluetooth with you phone and will track your movement for the day be it running, walking, swimming or cycling. This is one of the few pieces of wearable tech that actually looks really nice.

Martian Notifier



This is one of the few smartwatches that actually looks and functions like a normal watch. The time display is fully analog but there’s a small LED screen at the bottom for notifications. It’s compatible with all sorts of Apple and Android devices.

Garmin Golf Watch


If you’re a golfer then this is the watch for you. It’s a GPS watch that comes preloaded with golf courses and you also get course updates too. You’ll be able to see distances, wind speed, what the par is for each hole and even the type of club you need to use. It also works like any other smartwatch in that it will pick up notifications from your phone. Handy for when your friends are inviting you to the 19th hole.

What wearable tech have you used?


Cool cycling clothing to make you stand out on the road

I’ve been thinking about getting into cycling. The reason being is that I live about a 35 minute walk from my city’s centre. If I had a bike, I’d be able to cut down on my time spent out of the office when I want to go to the gym, for a coffee or shopping. I’ve been Shoplinking some really cool cycling clothes and I wanted to share them with you.


A long sleeved cycling jersey is so important for those early morning rides when it’s a bit chilly. You’re definitely going to be seen in this Babici Bastogne top.
Les petites victories

This kit from Les Petites Victories is simply stunning but it’s practical too. The bib shorts are a piece of color-blocking genius with blue as the main color with red on one leg and purple on the other. Love not war

This kit from Pedal Mafia is figure hugging and is made from a special material that will help it to mould to different body shapes. If you’re looking for something bright and colorful that will make you stand out on the road then this is it.ten speed hero2

Who doesn’t love cats? This jersey has a lovely pattern that’s full of color.tenspeed hero

This is another Ten Speed Hero jersey. The mint green is so on trend making this perfect for cycling during sunny days.Twin+Six+Grand+Prix+Jersey_Black

This Twin Six Grand Prix jersey is a bit more understated but it has a very retro feel to it.
velocioFinally some capris from Velocio. These are simple and comfortable with that second skin feel you often need when out for a ride.

Take a look at my cycling Shoplinkz list for more cool cycling clothing as well as cycling gear and some affordable road/hybrid bikes.