How to plan a garden redesign

I’m in the process of redesigning my garden and a lot of planning has meant that it’s all going very smoothly. I wanted to share some garden planning tips for those of you who are considering a redesign in the future.

Take your time

Don’t just jump into digging up your backyard. Spend some time planning the layout and how you’re going to go about executing your ideas.

Draw a plan of your garden and take some measurements. From there you can start drawing out new landscape features and ideas for flower beds. Go into your garden and imagine how it’ll all look.

You should then get some garden spray paint and mark out your ideas. This will help you to visualise your new garden. Mark out the curves of patios, the placement for a new bird bath and those nice wide flower beds that will add so much color to your outdoor space.

Look for inspiration


While you’re planning your garden, look for inspiration wherever you go. This might be on Pinterest, in magazines or just by leering into the front gardens of the places you walk by on a day to day basis.

Ask for help

Re doing an entire garden can be a lot of work and a lot of stress. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. If you really do have a lot of hard landscaping work to do like building walls or laying a new patio then it might be worth calling in a professional.

Do your research

If you’re going to do a lot of the work yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing and do your research. It might be how you lay a patio or it might be something simpler like what plans will work well in that shady area.

Craig Barrit

What we’ve learnt from NYFW Spring 2015

There’s been a lot of exciting things coming from recent fashion weeks and NYFW has taught us a lot about what we can expect from fashion in the coming months.

Vintage style accessories are going to be big

Porezna Schouler showed off some amazing vintage style earrings on the catwalk. The monochrome button look was a hit and no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this style soon.

Altuzarra also showed off some old school style with earrings with a look of 18th century romance about them.

Tassels for days

On dresses, skirts, tops, everywhere. This is moving on from last season’s fringe trends, which was nicely Wild West. Now we have tassels which are perfect for dancing in. Swish.

Conservative but sheer

BurberryWe’ve seen loots of sheer skirts, tops and parts to clothing over the last year but that’s moving on too. On the runway we’ve seen loads of conservative, secretary-style shapes but full of sexy sheer panels.

The versatile polo

J Crew

Polo shirts could be the new crop top for spring 2015. Look for J Crew, Hugo Boss and you’ll probably see something from Ralph Lauren too.

Skirts and dresses

I wonder if this is one of those trends that will stay on the runway… Why wear just a dress when you could wear a skirt too? This is a really weird trend and I hope it doesn’t become the new ‘thing’. What do you think?

What have you enjoyed from NYFW Spring 2015?


How to wear white

White already is a huge trend and with what we’ve been seeing from NYFW, that’s not going to change any time soon. Here are a few ideas when it comes to a complete white-out.

White: Summer

Pair shorts and a tank top with a lovely white blazer and nude shoes for a really summery look. Great for trips to hot places this autumn or just pop this idea on the back burner for SS15.

White: With black

This is a prime example of how to wear white to work or on a night out. A simple skirt with a floaty blouse and black shoes is a fantastic combination and so versatile too.

White: Casual

White doesn’t mean you have to give up any edginess. Pair a while dress with gold jewelry and some over-the-top shoes.

How would you wear white?

Jess is a blogger, fashion lover and owner of many shoes. She loves to write, take photographs, and shop for stationery.


Bigger and better than ever: The iPhone 6

Even if you weren’t waiting with baited breath for news of the new iPhone, you were at least a little bit intrigued, right? I’m an iPhone user and have been for a while but there’s one thing that always bugged me, the size. Well, Apple have fixed that. The new standard iPhone 6 will have a 4.7″ screen (compared to the 4″ screen on the iPhone 5S) but there will also be an iPhone 6 Plus with a whopping 5.5″ screen.

This is good news for people like me who spend much of their life tethered to their phone for work. Typing on my small iPhone 5 screen is tough sometimes. Not only do we get a good screen size but the phone will be super thin too, it might be big but it won’t be bulky.

The techy stuff

The iPhone 6 has an A8, 64-bit second generation processor and a next-gen M8 motion coprocessor too. It looks like it’ll stick with the 1GB RAM.

Unfortunately, there will still only be a 8MP rear camera, which puts this way behind some of the similar phones on the market (in fact it’s even behind older phones too). It’s a different camera to the iPhone 5, though. It’ll have a new wide angle iSight lens, true tone flash, f/2.2 aperture, better noise reduction and a faster autofocus. This should make the camera much better even with the same megapixels. The new image signal processor built into the A8 chip should also improve the way the iPhone 6 handles images.

The front-facing camera has received a lot more attention (good news, selfie-fans!). It let’s in up to 81% more light, which it was definitely in need of. This makes photos and face-time,much more flattering.

A TechRadar iPhone 6 review also said that it looks like the glass has been upgraded. This means that the phone will withstand a few more bumps than its predecessors.

What do you think of the new iPhone?


Etsy picks: Headwear

Yesterday’s post has made me eager to get my hands on some cool headwear to don at next festival I make it to. Here are some of my top picks from some very talented Etsy sellers.


I’m loving this really simple gold head chain. This would go perfectly with any outfit and it’s not too in-your-face so could be worn anywhere – not just at festivals.

Another really great head chain, this time with a gorgeous arrow detail and bright little turquoise nuggets. Again, this could be worn anywhere.3

Here’s a slightly edgier look with this feather mohawk. I can see this at Burning Man or as part of a cosplay outfit. We’d love to know how you’d wear this.4

This has to be my favorite in this list. There’s so much texture and color here and I think it would work beautifully at any festival. That being said, I think it’s the kind of item that can be used to add a little color and frivolity to fall/winter outfits.5

Perhaps not one for the warmer months but this headband is great for keeping your ears warm when a hat isn’t an option. As you can see from the photo, it looks great with a high bun or ponytail.6You can’t move for floral crowns at festivals but that’s not to say you shouldn’t wear one. Try and find something unique that not everyone else is going to be wearing and steer clear of the popular pinks and creams.

Jess is a blogger, fashion lover and owner of many shoes. She loves to write, take photographs, and shop for stationery.