Tips for festival goers: The essentials

Festivals are unique experiences. Where else would you listen to a whole host of fantastic bands while sleeping (relatively) rough, not showering for days and eating a weird combination of different foods each day?

Surviving a festival is easy but what about keeping comfortable? Here are a few essentials that will get you through a festival weekend and make it one to remember too.

Selfie stick

They’re always shunned but these simple devices can transform your photos from a festival. Get shots of you and your friends together, capture the whole crowd mid-dance and show off the spectacular surroundings you’re staying in (be they muddy fields, the middle of the desert or a lush forest).

Easy energy

By day three of a long festival weekend, you might be flagging a little – be it from dancing, too much alcohol, or not enough sleep – it’s important to keep your energy levels up by drinking plenty of water and eating properly. The latter isn’t always possible, however, so get your hands on some glucose tablets to keep those energy levels up. Fruit works just as well in this respect but it can sometimes be difficult to come across at a festival and won’t keep well in your tent if you bring some from home!

Body wipes

Body wipes can help you to stay fresh after days without showering. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; from deodorising wipes and intimate wipes, through to huge towel-sized wipes that are the perfect way to refresh yourself.

Dry shampoo

This stuff works a treat on unwashed hair and it can instantly transform your style back to what it should be. Dry shampoo comes in all sorts of forms, including a volume-boosting variety that can give you big festival hair for the whole weekend.


Wellington boots are a must-have, especially if you’re going to a festival in the UK! Not only are these a stylish festival look but they’re practical too for all those puddles you wish to jump in.


This is so important, even if you don’t think you’re going to be directly in the sun. Sun damage can cause all sorts of problems including skin cancer and premature ageing. A high factor of 30-50 should protect you but make sure you reapply throughout the day.

If you can avoid sunburn, stay comfortable and alert, you’re going to have a fantastic time. No doubt you’ll still need to sleep for a few days afterwards but these festival tips will help you through. Let us know what your festival essentials are.

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doppel: the wearable heartbeat that works with your body

Many of us utilise technology to keep active or wind down, but all too often the process is complex and the effect generic.

Enter: doppel.

doppel is a new breed of wearable empathic tech. It works on the same principle as music in the influence it has on our bodies, but it does this with a gentle vibration you can feel, rather than hear. There is no noise at all, eliminating distraction. The pulse it emits can be tailored to pump up the wearer for exercise, stay calm when anxious, or wind down for a steady night’s sleep.

doppel sits on the inside of your wrist and can be calibrated and controlled via a simple app, providing you with a tactile stimulus that helps you set your own pace. Humans naturally respond to rhythm with next to no concentration required, and doppel allows direct influence over how alert or relaxed you are via easy adjustments to the speed of the pulse.


doppel doesn’t monitor your body, but gently influences it. Developed by the multi award-winning Team Turquoise, doppel has been tested on hundreds of people with an overwhelmingly positive response. Team Turquoise’s aim was to develop something that could really benefit people in a less distracting, more controllable way than anything else on the market. Its effect is one that everybody intuitively understands, with the advantage of being able to privately decide whether to focus on the doppel’s ‘heartbeat’ or let it fade into the background.

This fascinating product is launching on Kickstarter on the 16th of June. Visit the Team Turquoise website to learn more.

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Amazing plus-size bloggers you need to follow

Plus-size bloggers are an increasingly important part of modern online life, inspiring positivity and style. Big fashionable women are my jam, so here are are a few favourites:


From The Corners of The Curve began as a negative outlet for Callie’s self-conscious desire to lose weight, but she turned it around to a positive place of style and beauty. Her OOTD’s are sharp and fierce, like the woman herself, interspersed with personal healthy eating posts.


My Curves and Curls is one of the most varied blogs I’ve seen, with stunning outfit shots, in-depth outfit inspiration collages, and the brilliant ‘closet remix’ section in which Assa shows different ways to style the same piece.


Gabi Fresh is known for her power-selfies in bold, clinging clothing pieces, and her sharp hair. Everything about her screams confidence, and it’s inspiring to see. Her blog features both style and beauty sections, so fans can dupe her look.


Chastity of Garner Style is all about vibrant block colours and oversized patterns, her gorgeous outfits stunning and easy to dupe. I love her posts about styling budget pieces, and the fact that she sells some of her fabulous clothing for mere pennies.


Becca from My Foxy Fatshion is an adorable redhead with the kind of figure a lot of ladies struggle to style. Her positivity shines through her ethereal OOTD photos, the blog brimming with soft pastels and princessy fabrics. She also takes the time to publicly respond to questions from fans needing a body confidence boost; something all influential fat women should do.


Many of us have been admiring Nadia Aboulhosn and her beautiful pear-shaped form for years, her rising popularity well-founded. Her blog is stuffed with body positivity and modelling shots which feature bold, figure-hugging outfits.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

A Curious Fancy‘s Ragini is one of the cutest bloggers around, and I’m always struck dumb by her sepia-tinted OOTD’s. Her style is romantic, playful, and accessories-heavy, and I want to own everything in her wardrobe. Just all of it.


Buttons, Bows, and Brogues is a blog slowly increasing in quality as Stephanie’s popularity grows. Her selfies are becoming sharper, her style is smart, and the site is interspersed with hauls and personal posts. One to watch.

There are new plus-size bloggers on the rise every day, making women feel better and more beautiful. Let’s welcome diversity with open arms.


Where can you shop with Apple Pay?

Apple has done it again, this time with the innovative Apple Pay. Not only does this new service from the tech giant make it easier to buy within apps but it also makes buying in-store much easier too. It’s secure and simple to pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

The iPhone 6 is leading this revolution with its innovative Near Field Communication antenna. This means you don’t have to open an app, or even wake your phone, just hold it near the contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID button on your phone. With other devices, it’s a simple as a few clicks to get the process started.

There are hundreds of thousands of stores that accept Apple Pay, here are just a few.

American Eagle Outfitters


If you have an AEO near you then you can now pay with your phone. As if you needed an excuse to go shopping!


NYC: Bloomingdale's

Convenience is key at Bloomingdale’s, there’s so much on offer and now it’s easier to pay than ever.

Coca Cola Vending

Coca-Cola, etc.

Yes, some new vending machines will now accept Apple Pay. Afternoon refreshment just got even easier!

Foot Locker

Footlocker Store Canada

I think we should all go shopping for new sneakers.



Another fantastic department store that allows you to pay with you phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that perfect dress for a party or are just popping in to pick up your favourite perfume, there’s something here for everyone.


Sephora Rouge

Sephora is known for its bright colors and wide range of cosmetics and beauty products. A little shopping spree might be exactly what you need ahead of the height of summer.


Subway Foot Long Roast Beef

Apple Pay also allows you to get your hands on delicious food from Subway. Fast food is getting faster and even more convenient.

Walt Disney World

Disney - Magic

Apple Pay just made Disney even more magical!


Whole Foods Grocery Store Supermarket Food Store. Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia #WholeFoods  #Whole FoodsLogo #wholeFoodsGroceryStore #WholeFoodsSign #WholeFoodSuperMarket

Need to get your shopping done in a hurry, just hold your iPhone 6 over the contactless reader at the till and you’re good to go!


You can also make in-app purchases with Apple Pay at these stores. Find out more here.

60s Inspired Swimwear, Here are my picks, what’s Yours?

We’re loving Natasha’s sixties-style swimwear picks. Just in time for summer!

60s Inspired Swimwear I absolutely love fashion from the 60s, from the A-Line and Shift Dress to Stiletto Heels and 60s inspired swimwear is nothing short of genius! And since it is beach season from where I sit, it’s time to nail down some looks…

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