We’ve been scouring Pinterest for some of the coolest holiday decorations out there. If you haven’t put your tree up already, let these fantastic images inspire you.

This is a really traditional, festive look. Replicate it with lots of red, green and white details. Make sure there are lots of snuggly cushions and blanket around too.

Make your own bauble decorations by tying ribbon to different sizes and hanging them from your staircase. You can also hang these above your window or from the ceiling too.

Green and red might be the traditional colours for free trimming but why not try different shades of blue along with silver too.

A wintry table runner makes a great center piece for Christmas dinner. Decorate it with candles, beautiful flowers and Christmas goodies such as little snowmen and reindeer.

Make your own bauble tree from small branches and a vintage vase. This would work nicely in place of a larger Christmas tree.Decorate the entrance hall of your home. Festive garlands can make a hallway feel really bright and welcoming.