I love food blogs (I love food!) and they’re my go-to source for inspiration as well as a place to get restaurant reviews. Here are some amazing food blogs that will make you desperate for your next meal.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz

David lives in Paris and his whole blog is full of food with Parisian edge. Just look at all that cheese.

Le passe vite

Le Passe Vite

The photography on this blog is just stunning. It’s all dark and a little decadent. The posts are written in both English and Spanish so don’t be put off if your browser asks you if you want to translate the page.

Little Upside Down Cake

Little upside down cake

Little Upside Down Cake is a food brand owned by a photographer. You can just image how amazing the blog looks. Check it out if you love a personal touch, well styled pictures and a wide array of foods.

Not Without Salt

Not without salt

How food looks plays a huge part in how much I enjoy it. I’m not one to crave stews or one-pot meals. I like variety, texture and color in everything I eat. This blog and its photography appeals to all that.

Skinny Taste

Skinny Taste


Finally, a blog full of healthy food that really is delicious. I’ve made so many recipes from this website, some of which get made on a regular basis. There’s a great recipe for skinny Texas cheese fries that always gets made when ever I have an evening to myself and want to gorge!