Plus-size bloggers are an increasingly important part of modern online life, inspiring positivity and style. Big fashionable women are my jam, so here are are a few favourites:


From The Corners of The Curve began as a negative outlet for Callie’s self-conscious desire to lose weight, but she turned it around to a positive place of style and beauty. Her OOTD’s are sharp and fierce, like the woman herself, interspersed with personal healthy eating posts.


My Curves and Curls is one of the most varied blogs I’ve seen, with stunning outfit shots, in-depth outfit inspiration collages, and the brilliant ‘closet remix’ section in which Assa shows different ways to style the same piece.


Gabi Fresh is known for her power-selfies in bold, clinging clothing pieces, and her sharp hair. Everything about her screams confidence, and it’s inspiring to see. Her blog features both style and beauty sections, so fans can dupe her look.


Chastity of Garner Style is all about vibrant block colours and oversized patterns, her gorgeous outfits stunning and easy to dupe. I love her posts about styling budget pieces, and the fact that she sells some of her fabulous clothing for mere pennies.


Becca from My Foxy Fatshion is an adorable redhead with the kind of figure a lot of ladies struggle to style. Her positivity shines through her ethereal OOTD photos, the blog brimming with soft pastels and princessy fabrics. She also takes the time to publicly respond to questions from fans needing a body confidence boost; something all influential fat women should do.


Many of us have been admiring Nadia Aboulhosn and her beautiful pear-shaped form for years, her rising popularity well-founded. Her blog is stuffed with body positivity and modelling shots which feature bold, figure-hugging outfits.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

A Curious Fancy‘s Ragini is one of the cutest bloggers around, and I’m always struck dumb by her sepia-tinted OOTD’s. Her style is romantic, playful, and accessories-heavy, and I want to own everything in her wardrobe. Just all of it.


Buttons, Bows, and Brogues is a blog slowly increasing in quality as Stephanie’s popularity grows. Her selfies are becoming sharper, her style is smart, and the site is interspersed with hauls and personal posts. One to watch.

There are new plus-size bloggers on the rise every day, making women feel better and more beautiful. Let’s welcome diversity with open arms.