Mercato Metropolitano (MM), the brainchild of economist Andrea Rasca, is coming to London this June. Based around the values of craftsmanship, sustainability, urban renewal, good honest artisan food and real passion, MM is set to be the choice destination for discerning food lovers all over the capital this summer. It will be free to enter and totally inclusive, providing a space for everyone to come together, break bread and hopefully learn a little too.

The London site, a once disused paper factory, is located in the new ‘SoBo’ area (south of Borough), part of the Borough Triangle that is currently undergoing a £3 billion regeneration. The site is owned by Peabody – one of the oldest and most well respected housing associations in London. Peabody were happy to welcome MM to SE1 due to their shared values of community, quality, and social responsibility.

Andrea Rasca, founder of MM comments: “The western world has a growing dependence on industrialised food and products that are mass produced with a focus on sales, not on quality. As a result we have lost the sense of what our bodies really need. We don’t need something just to fill our bellies, we need healthy, hearty and exciting food to make our bodies and minds work properly. And on a social level what could be better than to share good and tasty food with our friends and family. That is what is at the heart of Mercato Metropolitano which we will bring to our new customers in London.”

Celebrating the authentic gritty warehouse environment, MM will bring out the natural beauty of its industrial buildings and create inviting spaces both indoor and outdoor, playing host to a carnival of activity up to seven days a week.

Beyond the Food

There will be musical performances, educational activities and cultural exhibitions. On top of that, you’ll find urban gardening, a huge outdoor street food area (with some familiar faces to be announced from the UK street food scene) an ‘in house’ cinema, event spaces and a pop-up hotel.

In the classic industrial three-story building on the site, accessible from Newington Causeway, you’ll find Prezzemolo e vitale, one of the most exciting independent/family owned fresh supermarkets from Palermo. Set inside a dedicated 4,000 sq ft space this supermarket boasts some of the very best of southern Italy’s produce.

Located above the supermarket is a barber shop and boxing gym. And on the top floor you’ll find MAX; a bright, relaxed and affordable co-working space with a visually bold interior and views overlooking the London skyline. MAX will be open all weekend for drinking and relaxing and offers an ideal space for students, and local residents to hang out in style.