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How to find the best deals online

One of the joys of online shopping is the opportunity it gives you to find all sorts of gorgeous items. Not only can you find pieces you may never have come across before but you can find a bargain too. However, because there is so much choice out there, it can be tough to know where to start when you want to do some online shopping. Compare prices through Shoplinkz For those of you who don’t know, Shoplinkz isn’t just a social shopping platform. You can also compare the prices of the the items you want across the web. For example, if you’re looking for cowboy boots, all you have to do is type that into the search bar on the website. Hit go and you’ll get listings from all sorts of sites that you can compare side-by-side with photos and price. Look through the items and hover your mouse over each to find more details. Click the picture and you’ll be taken to the shop’s page. Coupon codes Another great way to find a bargain would be to search for coupon codes for your favorite store. You could use this in conjunction with the Shoplinkz search if you find something on there you’d like to buy but want a bit of extra money off. There are plenty of dedicated sites out there that list the latest coupon codes...

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Menswear trends to keep an eye on in 2014

Here are a few trends you should keep an eye on – or perhaps even try – in 2014. Chinos Menswear Trends: Chinos by shoplinkz featuring a black silk shirt The chino was popular a couple of years back but it was often worn by hipsters in thick glasses and jumpers knitted by their grannies. This time round, it’s going to be a stronger look. Wear your slacks with boots and a leather jacket. Monochrome Menswear Trends: Monochrome by shoplinkz on Polyvore Monochrome is an easy look to pull off. All you have to do is keep your color...

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The winter coat edit

Although winter maybe drawing to a close, I feel we may be putting our faith in a good winter coat for a little while longer. The first coat is the most expensive of the lot but I love that big furry collar. This is the sort of coat that could be worn in so many ways. It could cover up a pretty dress or could be slung on over jeans and a t-shirt when you need an extra layer. The second coat is from Boohoo and appeals to the blue trend and the emerging trend of big, boyfriend coats. The next coat is a little more simple and while it doesn’t conform to any trends, that asymmetrical neckline is beautiful. Lastly we have a stunning coat in a great pattern. The simple black and white lends itself well to this coat. It doesn’t draw too much attention to how busy the pattern is and that works...

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The best of London Fashion Week

I’ve been to London Fashion Week a couple of times and it’s always so hectic that you never get to see much other than the few shows you’ve been invited too (or have blagged your way into…). This year, I watched the shows from the comfort of my own home and although there was no chance of getting snapped by the Sartorialist there, it was comfy. Here are some of the best bits of London Fashion Week. Topshop Unique It was all eyes on Topshop at fashion week. This was the show that so many bloggers and celebrities were raving about. The nice thing about Topshop is you know you’re going to see clothes that us mere mortals can wear. This just adds something to the shows.  It’s nice seeing proper high fashion but a lot of it feels so painfully out of reach. It’s as if the clothes simply become decoration, something pretty to look at that you’re never going to wear yourself. Topshop isn’t like that and it’s brilliant! Blue hues I think we should hate this coat but I really don’t; it’s the royal blue, a color I can’t get enough of. I can’t wait to see more of this as fall comes around. Antler necklace Want to add woodland drama to any outfit, here’s the necklace for you. I love how unusual this is, I...

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Beauty trends to try this spring

I hope you enjoyed our last post about spring wardrobe essentials. Today, here is what you should be wearing on the makeup front. Cat eyes If you’re going for the cat eye look, focus on your eyeliner but keep the rest of your makeup simple. If you want to swing your look into retro, just add red or pink lipstick. Orange lips This harks back to the sixties and looks great with Twiggy style eye makeup. You can go as bright as you want here. Some oranges are very close to red, which may be the best choice for anyone who is a little wary of trying this trend. If you want to go all out, though, try MAC’s tart and trendy lipstick. A golden smokey eye Instead of reaching for browns, blacks and grays when you do a smokey eye, add some gold in there too. You can either keep it to the corner of your eyes to make them pop or sweep it across the entire lid along with your usual dark colours. Glittery golds work perfectly for...

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