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Gameify your wakeup with the new app from Redbull

Great news for the sleepyhead in all of us: Red Bull Media House today launched Red Bull Alert, a highly visual and uniquely competitive sports-themed alarm clock app for Android and Android Wear. The app provides inspiration with customisable sports themes and motivation to get out of bed faster with a competitive leaderboard and instant daily feedback. Red Bull Alert includes nine different image-rich sports backgrounds to choose from, including aerial sports, BMX, Formula 1, MTB, MX-FMX, rally, surfing, skating and snowboarding. Each theme is equipped with exclusively orchestrated music that fits the taste of each audience. The leaderboard...

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Homehacks that could revolutionize your life

These little tips will hopefully give you a bit of a eureka moment. You’ll wonder how you ever did without these in your life. Use a bowl as an amplifier If yore anything like me, while you’re cooking, cleaning or entertaining, you like to listen to music. It’s not always practical to have a CD player or speaker system nearby so I usually use the music on my phone. The speakers on most phones aren’t great, you can amplify the sound by putting your phone in a bowl. Get to know freebie, voucher and cash back sites well This...

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Where can you shop with Apple Pay?

Apple has done it again, this time with the innovative Apple Pay. Not only does this new service from the tech giant make it easier to buy within apps but it also makes buying in-store much easier too. It’s secure and simple to pay with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The iPhone 6 is leading this revolution with its innovative Near Field Communication antenna. This means you don’t have to open an app, or even wake your phone, just hold it near the contactless reader with your finger on the Touch ID button on your phone. With other...

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Etsy picks: Home

There’s always space in my kitchen for Heisenberg-themed items. I almost bought this for my boyfriend (who’s a big Breaking Bad fan) but shipping to my location almost doubles the price! Check out NomadGifts for this and so much more! Love baking? Love pets? This rolling pin is definitely needed in your house. I just want to make doggy biscuits all stamped with paws for my four-legged friends. From RollingWoods on Etsy, there are loads more designs too. Need more storage in your home? These hanging shelves look pretty and don’t take up much space either. Add some book...

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How to fit charity into your daily routine

We all like to do our bit for charity and donate where we can but being more strapped for cash than ever, we’re limited to the funds we can give to good causes. Thankfully, there are other ways to do something for charity be it in small amounts or through donations from third parties. Here are the apps, cards and websites that make charity giving a part of your everyday life. One Today This app from Google lets you discover great new causes. Every day a new non-profit organization is featured on the app, if you like what they...

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