Author: Nell Walker

YouTubers to be inspired by at Hallowe’en

Sometimes, buying or making a costume just feels like too much hassle. However, with the right makeup job, the outfit isn’t important. YouTube is loaded with tutorials on how to create the perfect spooky look for you, so we’ve picked a few of the best (and simplest to follow) Hallowe’en makeup gurus to inspire you.

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Hallowe’en outfits made easy

Getting ready for Hallowe’en is easier than ever, these days. The emergence of animal onesies helped of course, but that’s a level of lazy beyond which we’re willing to go. Even on a budget, there’s no need to cut corners.

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Seventies food fashion

Snacks of the seventies may have a bad reputation – after all, this is the decade famous for vol-au-vents, Twiglets, and prawns with ‘pink sauce’. However, thanks in part to the rise of hipsterism meaning many young people are using old St. Michael cookery books from charity shops to feed themselves, seventies food is all the range.

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Clinton and the cold shoulder

In a recent interview with Lena Dunham, Hillary Clinton discussed her attachment to a Donna Karen dress which made waves when she was photographed wearing it in 1993. Apparently, she gained a great deal of criticism at the time for looking ‘too sexy’ for a First Lady, with some saying her outfit was outdated. Others, though, saw Hillary’s aesthetic for what it was: a simple, chic look which has no need to adhere to time or age.

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