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Eat yourself happy

Wouldn’t it be great if we could flick a switch and instantly feel happy? Well here’s the next best thing, what if we could eat our way to happiness… Here are 10 mood-boosting foods that will keep you going all day. Eggs Scrambled, boiled or poached for breakfast?  “Eggs are a great source of protein, which when broken down in the body will make amino acids and these are then used to make neurotransmitters to help keep our mood balanced,” says Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at, the online shopping destination for health and wellbeing. 2. Nuts and seeds Fancy...

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Proclaimers’ 500 Miles Named The UK’s Number One Earworm

It might take walking 500 miles to get it out of your head, but The Proclaimers’ hit song is officially the UK’s number one ‘earworm’, according to a study. The phenomenon is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a catchy tune, piece of music or (occasionally) phrase which persistently stays in a person’s mind, especially to the point of irritation”. And the Scottish brother’s 1988 smash “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” has topped a top 50 chart of the most difficult tunes to dislodge. Classic rock band Queen took second and third place with Bohemian Rhapsody and We...

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Bubble Blast: Addictive Android match-three game

Match-three games have been popular for about as long as we’ve had smartphones. New games are coming out every day and no doubt you’ve played Candy Crush but there’s so much more out there than the few games you’ve heard of. We got out hands on a new Android game called Bubble Blast and we think it’s rather addictive. Honestly, I’ve been playing this game all day and I’m only stopping to type up this review. I’ve been gathering squeaky ducks, frozen cats and flapping fishes, all while blasting bubbles left right and centre. The basic gameplay is a lot like other match-three games but the colours, expressions of Alex the cat and different game modes will keep you coming back for more. Download Bubble...

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Bernie: The Non-Action Figure launches

Draw your eyes away from Pokemon GO for just one second to take a look at Bernie. No, not that one, the one pictured above. This non-action figure comes from the same company who brought you the stubby hand man, Donald Trump. The political competition is really hotting up but toy designers TIMEBANDITS couldn’t be happier. The 3 3/4″ Trump sold out and Bernie is set to do the same. The figure was released at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and he’s already caused quite a stir. The figurine was released in quantities as scarce as the combined common...

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Celebrating 90 years of the little black dress

As we approach the 90th anniversary since Coco Chanel’s  timeless cocktail party staple the Little Black Dress (LBD) first graced the cover of Vogue magazine, money saving experts explore a number of other iconic fashion investments throughout that have stood the test of time. The study reveals men and women’s fashion pieces dominate alternate decades. The 1920s saw the emerging of Coco Chanel’s womenswear revolution with the LBD and classic 2.55 handbag, followed by the pioneering 1930s for menswear with the birth of Aviators, the Louis Vuitton bag and Chuck Taylor’s Converse. In a watershed moment in fashion...

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