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Labor Day Sales!

Get ready for some serious shopping! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the best summer shopping deals just yet. The last big blowout will be this week and next weekend in celebration of Labor Day! Some sales *ehem* Macy’s, boasted as much as 85% off last year. This is the best time to buy end of season summer stuff. Just don’t fall into the trap of buying fall things, as you may end up paying extra for those. Let the shopping...

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Wonder Woman

Warner Bros and artist Lauren Moshi have joined together to create a superhero themed clothing collection! For all you superhero lovers, the collection will include pieces from Wonder Woman to Superman. The collection will include 30-35 pieces including dresses, tshirts, and bags. Prices range from $98-$202. Learn more on

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Tired of lugging around bulk purchases from the store to your house? Check out Boxed. They will deliver right to your door! … BOXED, A MOBILE DELIVERY SERVICE FOR WHOLESALE GOODS FOUNDED BY A FORMER ZYNGA EXEC, IS TRYING TO BRING BULK GOODS DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR. It seems everyone from startups like Blue Apron to behemoths like Amazon are attempting to make online grocery deliveries mainstream. Chieh Huang, Zynga‘s former director of mobile in New York, is trying to do the same for wholesale goods of the Costco and Sam’s Club variety with Boxed, his new mobile delivery service for bulk items, which launches its iOS app today. (Android is coming next month.) Read more:...

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Manicure Protection

Bright and gorgeous manicured nails are a must have for these beautiful warm days. Keeping your fingers and toes looking perfectly polished can be touch, but here are some long lasting...

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