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Swim, Climb, Conquer: Counting Down to Red Bull Neptune Steps

This Saturday, the much-anticipated return of Red Bull Neptune Steps is set to make a splash in Glasgow, at Maryhill Locks on Saturday 9th April, 12pm. The open-water adventure race like no other is back, with competitors travelling from all over to compete in the only event of its kind, anywhere in the world. Glasgow will welcome athletes from Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Canada, along with participants from the rest of the UK who are all set to take on the unique challenge of swimming uphill. Since announcing the return of Red Bull Neptune Steps earlier...

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Treat Yo’self (Without Breaking The Bank)

We’ve all had those times when we’re feeling a bit low. Nothing can help you feel better like a bit of (online)retail therapy, there’s something about adding items to your cart and getting them through the mail a few days later that’s just so exciting. It’s not very good for your bank balance though, which is why hunting for a bargain makes the experience even better. It’s basically guilt free shopping if you use a coupon code right!? We’ve been stalking Groupon to find the best deals on treat-worthy items, and have put a few into a handy list...

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What goes into a great road trip?

A road trip is a special thing and it’s unlike any other holiday in that you get to really experience the places between each destination you travel to. The wind in your hair, the power of a car under you and your luggage with you at all times, whenever you need it. You don’t have to love cars to enjoy a road trip because driving with this kind of purpose is about so much more than the car. We need to start thinking differently, this kind of trip isn’t just about getting from A to B, it’s about exploring...

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New website for Shoplinkz-sponsored volleyball team

We’re really excited to be working with the volleyball team of Maki Sluková and Bára Hermannová. They’ve just launched their brand new website which you can check out at The team says: “We both fell in love with the game of beach volleyball in different parts of the Czech Republic but the passion for the game has brought us together.”...

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