River Island’s new AW14 collection is full of texture, prints, patterns and more. We can already see plenty of trends emerging here and we wanted to share them with you. There are some really amazing pieces here.

02_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0018 (Copy)

Winter whites are here. I love this look, especially with that big fur collar. This look is luxurious, chic and easy to replicate with clothes you might already have in your wardrobe.12_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0046 (Copy)

This dress is simple and sexy and it can be dressed up or down in all sorts of ways. Red is a great color for fall, this kind of vibrancy is well needed when it starts to get a little colder and darker.13_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0007 (Copy) Here are those layers and prints. A great monochrome look that works perfectly as one. There’s no individual piece of clothing that stands out here. This is how layering should be done.15_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0024 (Copy)

There’s something a bit bohemian traveller about this. The fur, the prints and those metallic trousers all work together to create a really dreamy look that would work with the buzz of New York City just as well as it would feel in the middle of rural England.19_NH_WW_01_RIVER_ISLAND_0003 (Copy)

Again, lots of texture here but a very different look. This is edgy and sexy. There’s PVC, fur and a wooly turtleneck. Rules and being broken in this look and that’s very good news indeed.23_NH_MW_02_RIVER_ISLAND_0022 (Copy)Finally, this post would not be complete without this menswear look. This jumper has completely stolen my heart. It’s a really simple leopard print look with that beautiful green but there’s something really sophisticated about this.

What do you think of River Island’s new collection?