Baby Carriers


It’s traveling season and to grandmother’s house you go. But you’re probably going to have to take a plane, train, and automobile just to reach her front door. And you know what doesn’t fit in the back of a taxi, or in the overhead compartment on a plane, or in the luggage cart at the train station? A two-ton mammoth stroller from hell.

Here at Shoplinkz, we know the benefit of owning a stroller but we despise using them. They are cumbersome, never fit through doorways, and usually end up pissing off their passengers in fifteen minutes. A better alternative to the “how are we supposed to bring our kids along without losing them in the process” is the baby carrier. An ergonomic, well-made baby carrier is a godsend and needs to be on any parent’s Christmas list this year, whether they have toddlers or newborns.
Here are four sensational options, one of which we use on a daily basis.
(Even though Ergo isn’t paying us to say it, we’ll say it anyway. They are hands down the best and worth every penny.)