Once your army of #ootd Instagram followers suggest it for the 451st time, you might finally decide that yes the time has come to start a fashion blog. Or perhaps you’ve built your blog page already, but are staring at it everyday wondering ‘what now?’.

Because there’s more to fashion and beauty blogging than testing products and capturing your daily style, let these web heroes help you to be a better blogger:

Bangs and a Bun



When Muireann Carey-Campbell started her blog 7 years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a frustrated writer with something to say but nowhere to say it. Today, its fair to say the blog created has changed her life. From her then home, Muireann (pronounced ‘Mirren’) now resides in London and has a reputation as a well respected fashion blogger, brand developer and social media guru.

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Independent Fashion Bloggers


There are plenty of fashion and beauty blogs out there, but try to be reminded that your unique style & voice is an important one of them. Joining a community of bloggers should be an essential: Make new friends, grow your brand and get daily inspiration, advice and guidance from the best out there. You’re a fashionista (or beauty babe) learning to blog and its perfectly okay to be anywhere along that journey to greatness.

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Style Context


A fashion blog with the freshest feel, Diane Taha has created a website that expresses so very well the modern face of beauty and fashion. Its not a race or a competition amongst bloggers is her message, therefore alongside vibrant weekly posts on things we love, Diane posts blogging tips to take others along with her on the road to success. She’s a very good cheerleader for the brands she partners with and the importance of blogging in today’s marketplace

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