I hope you enjoyed our last post about spring wardrobe essentials. Today, here is what you should be wearing on the makeup front.

Cat eyes

Cat Eyes

If you’re going for the cat eye look, focus on your eyeliner but keep the rest of your makeup simple. If you want to swing your look into retro, just add red or pink lipstick.

Orange lips

tart and trendy

This harks back to the sixties and looks great with Twiggy style eye makeup. You can go as bright as you want here. Some oranges are very close to red, which may be the best choice for anyone who is a little wary of trying this trend. If you want to go all out, though, try MAC’s tart and trendy lipstick.

A golden smokey eye

IMG_9590Instead of reaching for browns, blacks and grays when you do a smokey eye, add some gold in there too. You can either keep it to the corner of your eyes to make them pop or sweep it across the entire lid along with your usual dark colours. Glittery golds work perfectly for this.