Draw your eyes away from Pokemon GO for just one second to take a look at Bernie. No, not that one, the one pictured above. This non-action figure comes from the same company who brought you the stubby hand man, Donald Trump. The political competition is really hotting up but toy designers TIMEBANDITS couldn’t be happier.


The 3 3/4″ Trump sold out and Bernie is set to do the same. The figure was released at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and he’s already caused quite a stir. The figurine was released in quantities as scarce as the combined common sense of our Presidential Candidates and for those who didn’t make it to SDCC, you can get Bernie on the TIMEBANDITS website for only $75, ensuring it’ll sell out faster than the man who’s name it bears!


“Bernie” is a 3 ¾” limited edition (non-articulated) hand cast resin figure that comes fully carded with artwork produced by TIMEBANDITS. Sculpted by David Arshawsky @turtlemilkstudios and painted by ToddAction @topo1622. The political art on the cardback sheds light on array of subjects that have been exposed throughout this campaign cycle. Can you spot and name them all?