Jenny’s style is a little bit punk and often features band tees, studs and a fair bit of black. She has a great style and even if you don’t consider yourself as ‘alternative’, you could learn a lot from her.

Effie’s Makeup Box

EffiesOnce you get past Effie’s amazing hair, you’ll be in awe of amazing photography, well-put-together outfits and posts that are a little different from the norm.


This is a blog I’ve been following for a long time. Sara’s style is hard to pin down but you’re always going to see something different on her blog. She knows about fashion and trends but she pulls everything off with an edgy flair.


ProtoesqueThis blog is run by Maddy and Mia. I love their style. They cover all sorts of events and stores while showing off their own style. Visit for piercings, eyeliner, red lips and some great accessories.


Naelle’s blog features some truly amazing photography and she has an awesome sense of style. Visit if you love bright colors, dyed hair, piercings and a great eye for

Saturn Satori

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a lifestyle blog but occasionally we get a peak into Violetta’s rock-influenced style.