In the run up to buying my house, I spent every day looking at interiors blogs and garnering some inspiration for what I was going to do with a property that was really mine. Things rarely work out the way you planned and my house isn’t full of antiques, thrifted objects and fresh flowers. I do know, though, that a lot of what I have done with this house is down to these few amazing blogs that never fail to inspire me.

Young House Love

This couple from Richmond, Virginia have documented the development of their house. They take on DIY projects, offer up some amazing tutorials and let us in on family life in their beautiful home. The photos are stunning, the tutorials will make you want to get to work instantly, and there’s always a reminder that not everything goes smoothly all the time.


This blog was one of my main sources of procrastination time for a long while. I could sit for hours wending my way through the tutorials, food posts and beautiful images of other people’s homes. I like looking at all those different interiors from all over the world. It gives you an idea of different styles, interests and quirks. Images from this post.

Domestic Sluttery

This was the blog I visited when I wanted a frank writing style, information on cocktails and inspiration for all those little interiors accessories. There isn’t so much interior inspiration here as there is shopping inspiration. There’s regular Etsy roundups, a little bit of fashion, a lot of food and plenty of designer showcases.