Ladies and gentlemen, today we have our first ever guest post! A piece on DIY jewelry making from Cafe Craftea.

Hello all! This is Vanessa from Cafe Craftea and I’ll be sharing with you today some of the tools I use when making/customizing jewelry! Making jewelry is one of my favorite DIY projects because of all the endless ways you can customize it to your style. I like to make my own versions of pieces that I see around the web but are way out of my budget…so I make it my own via DIY!


1. A set of jewelry pliers

The three main types of jewelry pliers that I personally use the most are the round nose, flat nose, and wire cutters. Round nose pliers can be used for working with wire and also used generally with jump rings and chain, along with flat nose pliers. Wire cutters are especially handy for trimming chain lengths and wire. You can find these at a local craft store or Walmart!

2. Wire

I like to have on hand several different gauges of wire, depending on what sorts of chain I’m using. Bear in mind the lower the number gauge, the thicker your wire will be. For example, my wire on the left is 22-gauge whereas the two rolls on the right are 28-gauge. The wire I typically work with is the inexpensive, aluminum-filled kind but you can definitely find gold or silver-filled wire if you wish. You can find all sorts of colored wire at the hardware store or craft store!

Some of my projects that feature wire techniques are:


Mini Wire Crown
Alex & Ani Inspired Adjustable Bracelet 
Mini Whisk Necklace 

3. E-6000 glue

Since most of my jewelry is made of metal, I find that you need a heavy-duty glue to hold things together, like for example gluing items into an earring post blank. This stuff is super sticky and does have fumes, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. You can find this at hardware and craft stores.


4. Chain

It’s almost ridiculous how huge my chain hoard is… I’ve got a ton of chain salvaged from old necklaces and other projects. If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest getting a good balance of thick and thin, gold and silver chain.

Here are some chain-centered projects:

Mixed Metal Tassel Necklace
Chain Scrap Rings 


5. Beads & Charms

Again, I’m almost ashamed of how many beads and charms I’ve hoarded…and this is just my smallest box! These can be used in with wire and chain to make necklaces and rings!


6. Jewelry findings

These are some of the findings (or jewelry parts) that I use most often. Jump rings are used to connect charms or chains together. There are also some fishhook earring wires and earring post blanks, along with head and eye pins for attaching beads. I’ve also got some lobster clasps and connectors that secure a finished necklace or bracelet together.

Here are some projects I did using findings:


Rhinestone Wrapped Charm Bracelet 
Glitter Hexnut Earrings
Byzantine Chain Bracelet 
Simple Pearl Studs


7. Other supplies

I’ve got a ton of old jewelry lying around just ready for me to take apart and make into something new! Be creative by reusing old jewelry and searching your local hardware store for unique finds!


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Be sure to head on over to my blog Cafe Craftea (link for more DIY ideas! Good luck & happy jewelry making! 