Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping online. There’s so much I want to buy and most of it is contained to the footwear section of all the stores I frequent. I’ve been seeing a huge surge in printed shoes. From leopard trainers to tropical high heels. I thought I’d share some of the most spectacular here but you can see even more over at my Shoplinkz list.Desert

These ASOS boots are amazingly tropical. I can’t get enough of this print. Wear with simple blue jeans and a white top. Let your boots do all the talking.leopard_hellbound_2

I can’t create a shoe list without adding in some UNIF Hellbounds. These might not appeal to everyone but I just can’t stop looking at them. They style is similar to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot, which is surprisingly easy to walk in. I’m very tempted by a pair of these leopard Hellbounds but as someone who is unstable in flat shoes, they’re probably not for me.Santafe

Another beautiful ASOS shoe. Not too high, beautiful colors and every elegant. Take my money! Wear with a pretty purple, pink or white sund ress.YRUFinally, a platform sneaker from a brand I’ve only just come across and intend to review fully very soon. YRU seen to make really edgy platform shoes in all sorts of shapes and designs. I can’t get enough of platform shoes. I get the height I want without the unsteadiness of a ridiculous heel!

What shoes have you bought lately?