I’m a gym-a-holic and I think the only reason for that is because it’s another excuse to dress up. On the internet there are blog posts ripe with fit women wearing beautiful, colourful workout gear but very few places actually tell you where to buy that kind of stuff. Well, look no further. If you’re looking for patterned running leggings, yoga pants, cute bags or bright trainers… it’s all here.

To the gym and back

Workout: Go hard or go home

I tend to go to the gym in my workout gear and because I walk there, I want to look good. Get active wear that looks the part but is warmer than your usual capri/tank top combo. A cute workout bag is also a must-have as it’s a place to put important things like headphones, water, towel, toiletries and a change of clothes.

Yoga queen

Workout: Yoga Queen

The slow movement of yoga and the positions involved means you need light, stretchy clothing. If you’re heading to a Bikram (hot yoga) session then you won’t want to be wearing much more than shorts and a light top. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, consider one of these cool bags that’ll hold your mat too.

Geek chic

Workout: Geek Chic

I really can’t get enough of these geeky slogan tees. I play roller derby and a big part of the sport is having a derby name. As a Hunger Games fan I chose Blocking Jay. It was only right that I got a t-shirt similar to this that says: ‘Train like you’ve been picked for the Hunger Games’.


Workout: Color-runner

You want people to see you while you’re out running so put on the brightest clothes you can find and get out there! Nike is the best brand out there for colorful items to wear while pounding the streets. Don’t worry too much about co-ordination, experiment with colour and you’ll find you have a happier run.

What do you wear to the gym?