Whether it’s tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages, floods, wildfires, or other disasters, we got you covered. No matter where you live in the world, it’s always good to be prepared. Here’s a list of the must-have items you need in your disaster kit, just in case the worst happens.

Medical supplies

A first aid kit is essential. Keep a comprehensive, fully stocked kit with your disaster supplies. If you do tap into it for the odd band aid, make sure to replace it as soon as possible. If anyone in your family requires a certain type of medication, make sure to have enough of this for three-days in your medical kit. Don’t forget things like contact lenses and vitamins.

Sanitary supplies

You may not be able to rely on having running water so keep a stock of sanitary wipes, deodorizing wipes, tampons and plenty of toilet roll.


A little battery-powered radio will allow you to keep up-to-date with what’s going on, even when you don’t have any electricity. Spare batteries are important too.


Again, you might not have clean or running water to drink in the event of a disaster. You can buy bottles of water in bulk, leave them sealed and tucked away as part of your disaster kit. Ideally, you’ll need a three-day supply of one gallon of water per-day, per-person.


Anything non-perishable that you don’t have to worry about rotting. Any canned foods (don’t forget a can opener), energy bars, sealed packs of dried fruit and so on. If you have pets, make sure to include some pet food. Again, a three-day supply is advisable. Plastic plates and cutlery would also be useful.

Cash and paperwork

If there is a disaster, you might not be able to get cash from an ATM. Keep a small supply of cash in your disaster kit. You should also keep copies of your insurance documents and other important paperwork in a sealed bag along with your disaster kit. If the worst does happen, you have these documents to prove what you’re entitled to when it comes to insurance.

 Cleaning supplies

Bleach is especially important for disinfecting surfaces on which you intend to eat or perform medical duties. You won’t need a fully stocked cleaning cupboard but some bleach, disinfectant and rags will be plenty.

The basics

You’ll need a flashlight; a lighter or matches; batteries; spare keys for your house and car; various chargers for things like mobile phones; pet leashes and carriers; food bowls; and sleeping bags or blankets.


This is very important if you have children. Pop some coloring books or puzzle books into your disaster kit. Perhaps even pack away some board games that can entertain the whole family.


Extra clothing is so important. Perhaps keep items that you may have otherwise have donated. An extra warm outfit or two per person should be enough.