Banksy strikes again, this time with Dismaland. The ‘Bemusement Park’ is situated on the seafront of the English town of Weston-super-Mare. It’s a satirical look at capitalism and the leisure industry but there’s something decidedly apocalyptic about the scenes of these familiar sights thrown into the setting of a run down amusement park.

We heard about this through Colossal who managed to take some amazing photos of the site. I’ve included a few below, all taken by Christopher Jobson. To see all the photos and to find out more about Dismaland, take a look at Colossal’s original post or check out






There are some really amazing artists involved in this project from Banksy himself to Damian Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Jimmy Cauty, Bill Barminski, Caitlin Cherry, Polly Morgan, Josh Keyes and many, many more.

If you’re already in the UK, start making plans to get to Dismaland, tickets go on sale today (25th August). If you’re not in the UK, you better book a plane ticket.