Costume: check. Makeup: check. But if you’re throwing a party, you’ll need spooky food, right? No, the scary snacks aren’t just for kids. Any adult who can’t appreciate the joy and whimsy in a good Hallowe’en nibble shouldn’t be celebrating in the first place.

Here’s some cheap and easy ideas that would look and taste great in any seasonal buffet.

slime_0Swamp/pond slime cups

Love this idea from BBC Good Food. Green jelly, bug sweets, and crumbled biscuits make for a treat that’s both gross and delicious (the best combination). Plus, these are super easy to make, and you can make them extra grown up my boozing up the jelly.

halloween-apple-bites-6998Apple biters

These are great snacks, and you can exercise a little creative license here as well. There’s a great tutorial on Oh She Glows but instead of nuts for the teeth, you can also use mini marshmallows or chocolate shards (just for the extra rot factor). Plus these include fruit, so they’re definitely healthy.

Haunted-pizza-LGH-52370f50-5cd5-443b-956e-e1310dde4a2e-0-1400x919Monstrous pizza

A full-on Hallowe-en meal here, using a simple pizza topped with ghost mozzarella, spider olives, and salami bats. There’s a tutorial for this on the Tesco website, but really, what guidance do you need? So, so easy.

54f6540039bf0_-_ghk-eyeball-mash-pumpkin-chips-1005-rf-rcuodp-cawxhe-xlThemed tortilla chips

What better sharing food than nachos and dip? Spooky cutters are mega easy to find, but rather than making cookies with them like everybody else, why not make like Delish and use tortilla wraps and bake them to create dipping chips in fun shapes.

Of course, you could just make cobweb cupcakes like everybody else, but why not really impress with something a little different?