Many of us utilise technology to keep active or wind down, but all too often the process is complex and the effect generic.

Enter: doppel.

doppel is a new breed of wearable empathic tech. It works on the same principle as music in the influence it has on our bodies, but it does this with a gentle vibration you can feel, rather than hear. There is no noise at all, eliminating distraction. The pulse it emits can be tailored to pump up the wearer for exercise, stay calm when anxious, or wind down for a steady night’s sleep.

doppel sits on the inside of your wrist and can be calibrated and controlled via a simple app, providing you with a tactile stimulus that helps you set your own pace. Humans naturally respond to rhythm with next to no concentration required, and doppel allows direct influence over how alert or relaxed you are via easy adjustments to the speed of the pulse.


doppel doesn’t monitor your body, but gently influences it. Developed by the multi award-winning Team Turquoise, doppel has been tested on hundreds of people with an overwhelmingly positive response. Team Turquoise’s aim was to develop something that could really benefit people in a less distracting, more controllable way than anything else on the market. Its effect is one that everybody intuitively understands, with the advantage of being able to privately decide whether to focus on the doppel’s ‘heartbeat’ or let it fade into the background.

This fascinating product is launching on Kickstarter on the 16th of June. Visit the Team Turquoise website to learn more.