Dressing like a boss doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a suit and trotting off to work. A lot of businesses are becoming increasingly casual and a suit doesn’t necessarily have the place it once did. The trick is to look professional while retaining your own sense of style. Here are some looks you can draw experience from.

Dress like a boss: Casual

Dress like a boss: Casual by shoplinkz featuring a bracelet bangle

This is a more casual look. It is okay to wear sneakers to work.

Dress like a boss: Jeans

Dress like a boss: Jeans by shoplinkz featuring movado watches

Jeans make a great base for another work look. You can dress them up with smart shoes and a blazer or keep it casual with sneakers and a nice polo shirt. A smart watch keeps everything on trend.

Dress like a boss: The Green Suit

Dress like a boss: The Green Suit by shoplinkz featuring wingtip shoes

If you want to make a real impact, a colorful suit is the way to go. The green of this jacket and pants goes great with the browns of the shoes and bag. While we’re seeing fewer and fewer men in suits in the working world, there’s still a place for something like this. You’ll be able to impress clients while standing out, perfect for a networking event.