We’ve sung the praises of a few Etsy designers in the past but we thought it was about time to start a regular feature looking at all sorts of items from the site. We’re going to start with bags and purses. Whether you want vintage or handmade, there’s something for everyone on Etsy. I’m loving some of the handmade leather items but there are some stunning vintage offerings too. Here’s just a small selection.2

This is a vintage leather tote from the 1960s. It’s simple and beautiful. 1

A bag big enough to fit a 17 inch laptop and more. This is a great travel bag for anyone who is unable to travel light.3

This animal print clutch is handmade to order and I love the black and leopard. It’s a beautiful clutch that would work with so many outfits.4

Another handmade leather bag but this time in a beautiful yellow.5This 1930s clutch has a great western feel to it. The color is amazing as is the kitted pattern.

6This little handmade clutch features some amazing design work in the shape of these skulls. Great if you’re looking for something interesting and unusual.

7Finally, this little messenger bag that feature an amazing scene of forest animals. The description on Etsy says: “The flap of this small military style bag is customized with the folk inspired pattern “Kanteleen Kutsu” by Sanna Annukka. The pattern depicts a scene from the Finnish national epic Kalevala, in which forest animals have gathered to hear the tunes played by Väinämöinen, the main character of the epic.”