Yesterday’s post has made me eager to get my hands on some cool headwear to don at next festival I make it to. Here are some of my top picks from some very talented Etsy sellers.


I’m loving this really simple gold head chain. This would go perfectly with any outfit and it’s not too in-your-face so could be worn anywhere – not just at festivals.

Another really great head chain, this time with a gorgeous arrow detail and bright little turquoise nuggets. Again, this could be worn anywhere.3

Here’s a slightly edgier look with this feather mohawk. I can see this at Burning Man or as part of a cosplay outfit. We’d love to know how you’d wear this.4

This has to be my favorite in this list. There’s so much texture and color here and I think it would work beautifully at any festival. That being said, I think it’s the kind of item that can be used to add a little color and frivolity to fall/winter outfits.5

Perhaps not one for the warmer months but this headband is great for keeping your ears warm when a hat isn’t an option. As you can see from the photo, it looks great with a high bun or ponytail.6You can’t move for floral crowns at festivals but that’s not to say you shouldn’t wear one. Try and find something unique that not everyone else is going to be wearing and steer clear of the popular pinks and creams.