With the party season well and truly under way, many of us are left scrabbling for the perfect outfit. This year, as one expects for December, sparkle is queen; but if that’s the case, then texture is next in line for the throne.

Faux fur, velvet, and leather are everywhere, threatening to steal spotlight from the sequins. Here are some of our favourite examples:



This Lucca Couture plunging v-neck mini dress (via Shoplinkz) wows, both due to the low cut and shimmering fabric. It’s striking enough that you need minimal jewellery, yet subtle enough to take to a club after the fancy dinner.



This faux-leather skater dress with contrast lace detailing from Zara is sharp, flattering, and sexy in the simplest of ways. Jazz it up for Christmas with seriously sparkly accessories and silly shoes.



This faux fur jacket from H&M is unique, with its striking colour gradient and loose, boxy fit. Sling this over any outfit and it’ll work – don’t try to tell me pink doesn’t go with everything.

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