Just a little reminder to you all that we can be found across the web. You’ll find me creating lists on Shoplinkz, posting pictures to Facebook and chatting with you all about everything and nothing on Twitter. Check out our social profiles below.

On Shoplinkz.com


You can find me on the main site as Jettica. This is where you’ll find all the lists created for our blog posts. All my followers are privy to the latest deals and sneak previews of blog posts before they go live!


TwitterThis is the best place to find out about our latest competitions and blog posts. Or you can just get in touch for a chat. I like discussing vacations, shoes, cars and the latest gadgets. @Shoplinkz.



Here you’ll find plenty of posts to comment on (and share with your friends, if you think they’re good enough) as well as more information on the site, blog and competitions. We love a chat so pop by to say hello!



More pictures than you can shake a stick at. You’ll find products we love, photos we’ve taken and plenty of inspiration. @Shoplinkz



We might be a little obsessed with Pinterest. Give us a follow.

We’re not one of those faceless companies who ask you to follow then don’t repay the favor. I take my time to look through all our new followers (it is my job, after all) and I follow anyone who looks interesting. Think we should be following you? Have something in common with us? Just let us know.