Summer is approaching so it’s natural for everyone to look their best. Especially if there is an important vacation planned! However, as people get rid of the various layers worn to see them through the winter months, they perhaps find that their skin is not at its best. Good skincare is essential throughout the year but in the summer there are so many more damaging factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Good hydration

Skin that is properly hydrated will always look better and this will help it to stand up to the heat of summer. It is recommended that a person drinks 2litres/8oz of water each day, but other fluids can also help to keep the skin and body properly hydrated. Green tea is a good option as this also has plenty of antioxidants to help flush away any toxins. Properly hydrated skin will be clearer and appear fresher.

Good nutrition


The same principle used for water can also be applied to food. If you spend much of your time consuming junk food, high sugar and high fat foods your skin will suffer. Salty foods can dehydrate so these should also be avoided, if you do have a salty meal, make sure to drink lots of water to replace the fluids lost. Altering the diet to include plenty of fruits and vegetables is important. Green vegetables will also help the immune system. Cutting back on meat intake is also a good option as this is difficult for the body to digest.

Good skincare

Following a number of rules when it comes to skin care will help to keep your skin glowing and in tip-top shape for summer. The first is to use a sunscreen. This will protect the skin from harmful UVA rays that in time could cause the development of skin cancer. A high sun protection factor is recommended and it should be reapplied regularly throughout the day for maximum benefits. The sun can also be very aging and dehydrating on the skin; using a sunscreen can help to keep the signs of aging at bay. Look for moisturizers and foundations that also contain an sun protection factor.

Glowing skin can also be helped with proper exfoliation. This is essential for removing dead skin cells and allowing the fresh skin to shine through. Exfoliation is not just for the face; it can be applied to the whole of the body and it should be done a few times a week – but not every day.

Good quality products should be used on the face and you should consider your skin type too as using the wrong products is going to make your skincare routine less effective. Cleansing the face properly twice a day should be an important part of the routine and a good moisturizer will be needed. Water-based moisturizers are often recommended for the best results and this should also be done twice a day.

Benefits of glowing skin

Most people would like to think that others notice them and glowing skin can help to achieve that. Skin that is clearer and sun-kissed without being sun damaged will attract attention and it is so easy to achieve with a little effort. The summer months are a chance to show off good skin and make the most of the good weather so make a few changes now.

If you want to look sun-kissed then the best way to do it is with a gradual tanning lotion as these give a healthy glow without looking fake.