We were inspired by this amazing post over on Mashable and thought we’d take it one step further to show you just how you can get this sixties look. These high school students and teachers from the 1960s are super-stylish so if you want to get the authentic look, take some pointers from them.

Highschoolers In 'Hippy' Fashions

Patterned tights and leggings worn with simple mini dresses are the way forward for these ladies. If you want to recreate this look, take a look at these great patterned leggings from ASOS or these flower child leggings from Etsy.Highschoolers In 'Hippy' Fashions

Good news for anyone who wants to recreate this efflortlessly cool vibe, dungarees are back! Try these bleach wash overalls for a similar look and pair them with simple sneakers like these Keds.Highschooler In 'Hippy' Fashions

Go wild with your fringing! This fringed suede jacket would go with any outfit and it’s authentic too! Pair with gladiator sandals.High School Teacher In 'Hippy' FashionFinally, this chic teacher is wearing a printed mini dress with a matching headband. Such an easy look to recreate you could either go for vintage – like this atomic print dress – or you could go for something very similar but a bit more modern – such as this Urban Outfitters tunic.