Getting ready for Hallowe’en is easier than ever, these days. The emergence of animal onesies helped of course, but that’s a level of lazy beyond which we’re willing to go. Even on a budget, there’s no need to cut corners.

Here are some awesome outfits we’ve found for celebrating the spookiest holiday with the greatest ease.
skeletontopPre-prepared Hallowe’en costumes are a) no longer just for kids, and b) no longer just super-flammable purple-or-green witch costumes. This long glittery skeleton top from H&M is simple yet eye-catching, especially when paired with ripped tights and ghostly make-up.

spookywhiteA lot of the ensemble outfits available at supermarkets are pretty naff, as well as cheaply made, but we really like this get-up from George. Unusually, it is genuinely spooky, with the ribcage print, ripped skirt, and frankly disturbing cartoonish eyes on the veil. Shudder.

flock veilbunnyIf you want to lean more towards elegance than novelty, try pairing a dark dress (like this flocked number from Roman) with something more specifically Hallowe’eny (like the amazing Topshop bunny veil), and voila! A spooky outfit fit for even the smartest of occasions.

What will you be dressing as this year?