Headlines are what draw in readers and there are a number of ways to hook someone to get them to read what you’ve written. It doesn’t matter if you write a hard hitting financial blog or a personal style blog, headlines are important.

Solve a problem

A headline that shows a problem then promises to solve it will have readers clicking through to see your solution. For example:

  • Always running late? How to stay on schedule
  • Strapped for cash? Try these money saving tips

Create fear

You don’t want to scare your readers but an element of shock will entice them in consider something like this:

  • What beauty brands aren’t telling you
  • The dangers of aspartame and what’s it’s doing to your body

Promise something

If you can promise a reader will learn something from your article, then they’re giving to click through.

  • How to make a dress from a t-shirt with no sewing
  • Ten steps to become a happier person



If you can anger someone or make them curious enough to click then your headline has done its job. Your article itself might be a bit more balanced but a controversial headline will certainly draw people in.

  • Why high heels are bad for your health
  • How to become more productive by taking more time off

Mix it up

If your last 12 headlines have started ‘how to’ then you probably need to rethink where you’re going with this. Change you way you write headlines, try something new and avoid any phrases that are so often repeated across other blogs. For example, beauty bloggers should go easy on headlines like ‘my top summer picks’ because it doesn’t give the reader anything new.

Open a door

If you can open a door in the reader’s mind, they’ll already be thinking about the topic before they click through. Reading your article will give them the answer to all their questions.

  • Is it possible to lose weight quickly and safely?
  • Why your blog isn’t getting the hits you think it should

(These headlines won’t really kill but it got you to click…)

Let us know what kind of headlines always get you clicking through.