Sometimes it can be hard to get organized. It might be for school, work or just around the house. Here are some tools and tips that should help you to stay on track of things.

To Do List

Create a to-do list

If you’ve got loads to do then it makes sense to write it all down and tick it off as you go. This way you can still see what needs to be done. I think I owe some of my blogging successes to notebooks full of these kinds of lists.  You can also use the to-do list apps that come with your smartphones and tablets.

Always get the most difficult/annoying thing out of the way first

That one thing on your to-do list that you keep putting off, do it first. Make it a rule to do the biggest item on the list first, or before a certain time in the morning. This gives you a big win at the beginning of the day rather than having some huge, horrible task hanging over your head for the entire day.

Use Google Calendar

This is a simple calendar that will link in with your Google account. You can do all sorts of things with this calendar on top of keeping an eye on what you’re up to. You can share you calendar with family members, friends and colleagues. You can add dates straight from Gmail, you can collaborate on calendars and you can even get a Google calendar app to sync your dates to your phone and tablet.

Use Dropbox

When you download Dropbox, it creates a folder on your computer that works just like a normal folder does. You can save any important work or documents here. This means you can then access these files online or when you’re on any other computer where Dropbox is installed and you’re logged in. This is handy if you need to access documents and work when you’re out and about.

Get everything on your phone/tablet

There are so many apps out there that will sync between devices. If you can access everything when you’re on the go, you’re more likely to stay organized. This might mean getting a bit of work done on your commute or it might mean ticking items off your to-do list as you go.

Remember the Milk

This is a website and app that allows you to manage your tasks and time. It will sync between devices and you can even add dates and times to the lists. It’ll sync with Google calendar and you can get IM, email and SMS updates and reminders too.

Get physical

With all those apps on your mobile devices, it’s easy to forget about that to-do list. If you find yourself getting distracted by other apps on your phone and forgetting about your to-do list, you might need to resort to a notebook and pen.

Give yourself a deadline

If you know you have to get something completed by a certain time, you’re more likely to get it done. When you create your to-do list, give the most important tasks a deadline and do your best to stick to it.

Use project management software

If you need to manage ongoing projects at work, it could be good to use something like Basecamp. This will help you to organise clients, projects, tasks and even the people working on them.

Plan your food for the week

If household tasks are where you struggle to stay organized then it can help to start planning your meals on a week by week basis. This will stop you from those last minute rushes to get a meal together for the family.

Be in charge

If you struggled to get friends and family organized, take charge. Instead of sending an email or text asking when people want to meet, give them some choices of date. Your friends will probably quite appreciate someone taking charge.

Try and get things done ahead of time

When you know you’ve got a deadline, don’t leave that piece of work to the last minute. If you can get ahead of your schedule, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

Your very own intranet

If you own a business and you know that you’re current project management and time tracking tools aren’t working for you, it might be worth investing in your own intranet that does everything you need it to. You’ll probably find that it really ups your productivity.


Organizing your finances as a business or as a blogger, can often be difficult. You can use online tools such as Kashflow to help you keep on top of clients, invoices and your own purchases.

Spreadsheets for everything

I have spreadsheets for the stuff that needs to be done around the house; things I’m saving for; people I need to buy for when it comes to Christmas and much more. If you can organize these little things into a spreadsheet then it can make life easier when you come back to them in the future.

Make yourself accountable

Let people know what you are doing and when you should be finished by. Making yourself accountable in this way will help you to keep on track and you might even get some help.