I’m currently in the process of doing everything possible to my house. I’m planning a bathroom redesign, I’ve just dug up the entire garden and I’m now thinking of ways I can get music to play around my entire house with as little effort as possible. Here’s what I’ve found.


A Spotify Premium account is the best thing I’ve ever paid for. It allows me to listen to music wherever I am. There are plenty of music streaming services like this and, whichever you choose, they are the future. MP3s and CDs have their place but if you want an all-singing-all-dancing home music system, you need to have an account with one of the popular streaming services.

Sonos Play:1


This is a little wireless speaker that is the building block for a home music system. Start with one speaker then build on it until you have music throughout your home. From there you can choose to play one song in every room or you can have a different song in each room, even if they’re coming from different sources.

You can even plug in more powerful speakers so you can get loud, bassy music exactly when you need it. The Sonos Play:1 is $199 so this could become quite expensive if you want to buy more than one and hook speakers up to it too but it works and is probably the most simple home music solution you’ll find.

Bose Wave SoundTouch


This is a music system that will allow you to play CDs, radio, stream music, listen to MP3s or choose from a huge range of internet radio stations. You get a huge amount of sound from one of these systems and it all runs over your home Wi-Fi. Another joy of this music system is the ability to add to it. Start with just one SoundTouch product the perhaps add more speakers, an amplifier or maybe even another music system in  another room.

Bose make products of amazing quality and you’ll be blown away by the sounds you can get but with a Wave SoundTouch starting at $600, this is an expensive way to get started.

Sony SRS-X2


If you’re looking for a more affordable home music system, take a look at this Sony wireless speaker. You connect to it via Bluetooth then stream your music in that way. As it’s wireless, you can move it around your home meaning you can have music wherever you go. At just $99, this is a really good way to get started on a music system for your home.

Denon Cocoon Stream


This is a beautiful little home speaker system. It’ll stream from any device whether it’s Windows, Android or Apple. You can also stream from your PC or laptop too. You can have as many of these in your house as you need. They’re also quite portable too so you can move it from room to room. Starting at $600.

How do you play music around your home?