Following the popularity of our closet inspiration piece, we thought we’d look at the home office. Working from home is much easier when you have a beautiful, inspirational place in which to go about your day-to-day duties. It doesn’t matter if you’re a housewife/husband who needs somewhere to do paperwork; a company director; or a part-time copywriter, a lovely office will do wonders for how you feel when you work.

minimalist office

I love the simple, minimalist style of this office with the industrial-style furniture and lampshade.

 I like that this office is contained and compact but it’s also part of a larger open-plan area.


The perfect family office. Workspace for mum and dad but also room for the kids to write, play and craft too. This means that parents can spend time with their kids while managing to get on with some work too.4

Bright, uncluttered and beautiful.5

The office isn’t anything special but I love the idea of having some huge, inspirational quote on the wall of your home office.


Offices don’t always have to be bright. How about dark and a bit sexy. There’s so much opulence to this home office, I love the black walls with the metallic accents.7I like the natural feel to this room. The colors are great and there’s some greenery there too.


Another simple space that’s actually designed for crafting but you could easily set a laptop up there too.


This is such a great idea! hang clipboards on the wall for an easy way to store important documents, receipts and information.

10Another example of a dark office working beautifully. I also love how the books are lying down rather on that shelf.