These little tips will hopefully give you a bit of a eureka moment. You’ll wonder how you ever did without these in your life.

Use a bowl as an amplifier

If yore anything like me, while you’re cooking, cleaning or entertaining, you like to listen to music. It’s not always practical to have a CD player or speaker system nearby so I usually use the music on my phone.

The speakers on most phones aren’t great, you can amplify the sound by putting your phone in a bowl.

Get to know freebie, voucher and cash back sites well

This might not be a traditional home hack but it can revolutionise how you organise your home. You can find free samples, money saving vouchers and can get cash back on loads of things. This will help you to save money on all sorts of thing, leaving you with a bit of cash to spend on more exciting things.

Use a dishwasher on your old sponges

If you usually throw away your sponges when they start to get a bit grubby, you can breathe a bit of life back into them by putting them through a dishwasher cycle. Better than throwing them away regularly and letting them end up in landfill.

Use a can opener to open annoying plastic seals

You know those plastic seals you get on gadgets and the like? The ones that are even difficult to open with scissors. Use a can opener on edge instead, it works a treat.

Sandwich bags as piping bags

Want to ice a cake but don’t have any piping bags around? Fill a sandwich bag with your buttercream icing and snip off the corner as you would with a regular piping bag.

Track your water consumption

If you’re trying to be a bit healthier then get a bottle that holds around a litre of water or more. Write on it with a permanent marker the times you need to have drunk that amount of water by. Do this with as many bottles as you need until you hit the 2.5 litres you’re supposed to have each day.

I’d love to know if you have any more home hacks. Let us know in the comments.