Dyed hair takes a bit of effort to keep looking in good condition. I’ve been dying my hair for years and I’ve been every color from black, to green to blond. Here are some tips for caring for dyed hair.

Consider your options

Even if you want to go for a natural color, you have a whole host of options available to you. As well as hundreds of brands you could choose from, you also have to think about things like whether you want permanent, semi-permanent or a toner; what the dye contains and how much of your hair you want to dye,

You should also think about whether it might be a better to go to a salon and have your hair done professionally. This is always a good idea if you’re going for a drastic change or if you’ve never dyed your hair before.

Go easy

If you have a big change to make, then it can often be a good idea to take it slow or go for a slightly muted color. If you want something bright then you’ll need a blond base before-hand to get a really bright color. If you end goal is purple, lighten your hair slowly and always read the instructions on the box. If you are after red hair, you don’t necessarily need to bleach your hair first.

Consider starting with some ombre then moving to a full head of color.

Avoid brassy


If you’re going blond, it might be worth investing in a anti-brassiness shampoo. This will help to lift your blond hair to cooler tones. You can also use toners and toning shampoos to get the right shade of blond.

Condition, condition, condition

Dyed hair can often look dry. It’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner designed for dyed hair. This will not only keep the color in longer but it’ll keep your hair looking glossy too. Hair oils, leave in conditioner and serums can also be a great way to keep your hair looking healthy.