We all like to do our bit for charity and donate where we can but being more strapped for cash than ever, we’re limited to the funds we can give to good causes. Thankfully, there are other ways to do something for charity be it in small amounts or through donations from third parties. Here are the apps, cards and websites that make charity giving a part of your everyday life.

One Today

This app from Google lets you discover great new causes. Every day a new non-profit organization is featured on the app, if you like what they do, Google makes it easy for you to donate $1. You can also share the organization’s details with your friends across social media and even match their donations.


What if you could give a South Sudanese child clean water instead of having your morning coffee? This app allows you to swap out those everyday luxuries we take for granted and donate the money saved to great causes. You can change the world $3 at a time.


Charity miles

The miles you run and bike can translate into real money for great causes. All you do is start up the app, choose a charity and begin your workout routine. Cyclists get 10 cents per mile while walkers and runners get 25 cents per mile for their chosen charity. This is a great way to do you bit for charity while getting fit, how’s that for motivation!

iOS and Android

Donate a Photo

We’re taking more photos than ever so why not put them to good use. The Donate a Photo app will donate $1 to the cause of your choice for every photo you share through the app. You can donate one photo per day and you’ll also get updates on your favourite charities and how close they are to reaching their goals.

iOS and Android

Check-in for Good

This works a lot like Foursquare but when you check-in, the business you’re visiting will donate to a good cause and you’ll receive a promotional offer, which will encourage you to return. It’s really easy for organizations to set up a cause page allowing them to receive donations.

iOS and Android

Charity Fuel Card

Charity fuel card

This is a great initiative in the UK that allows businesses to donate to the cause of their choice every time they fill up their cars. The card is run through Shell and its partner garages and this means that any business with a card benefits from a clever weekly pricing system. This means that business can fulfil their CSR requirements, give to charity and save money on fuel.


Giving back to charity need not be about giving away your cash but it can be about giving up your time. Find a cause you really care about and see if you’re able to volunteer. This might be walking the dogs from the local shelter, building something at an old people’s home, or spending time with children in need.

Donate clothing

If you have a high turnover of clothes in your wardrobe, like I do, you should donate anything unwanted to a charity shop. Charity shops make money for their cause by selling on the clothes but there are also charities that will take your old garments and give them to people in need.

How do you work charity giving into your day-to-day life?