If you love fashion then you’ve probably thought about how it would be to be snapped by a street style photographer (or even approached by a modeling agency). Here are some tips for getting noticed at fashion week, taking advice from the biggest bloggers and the people behind the camera too.

Exude confidence

StreetgeistIf you look confident then people will flock to you. Fashion photographer Francisco Marin says: “For me, confidence is probably the biggest determining factor for what makes an interesting street-style photograph.”

Own the sidewalk like it’s the catwalk and you’re more likely to catch the eye of a photographer.

Statement items

streetgeist statementA statement item that makes you stand out is a great strategy for getting snapped. Choose one item, be it designer or high street, to model your outfit around. Dress it up with simple accessories and other basic garments to bring your whole outfit together.

Don’t overdo it

streetgeistQuirky is good but some people take it too far. This splash of green hair and the nineties vibe is great but some people take the quirky look a little too far. While you might still get shot, you won’t necessarily be commended for your style.

Great accessories

streetgeist accessoriesIt’s easy to put on a few nice items of clothing but can you accessorize? It’s only the truly trendy who are able to accessorize properly and it’s these people who get snapped during fashion week.

Lead image by Sam Wilson. All other images via the amazing Streetgeist.

Have you ever had your photo taken for a street style blog?