We’ve already talked about how to start a fashion blog but now I thought it best that we cover how to take photos for a blog. Express yourself in whatever way you wish, these tips are simply here to help you get the most from your photography.

The camera

When you’re starting out, a good phone camera will do but try and upgrade to a point-and-shoot camera as soon as you can. The reason for this is that they can handle light a lot better. This means that if you are shooting in less-than-perfect conditions then you’re still going to get a half decent photo.

If you have the money, invest in a entry-level DSLR. You probably won’t need much more than this if you’re just taking photos casually. The ability to change the lenses makes these cameras so much more versatile. Take a look at my Shoplinkz list for some cameras at all sorts of price points.

I use a Canon EOS M, which is a compact DSLR. Great for popping in a hand bag and taking with you wherever you go. You never know when you might need to take pictures!


how to take photos for your fashion blog

Photo taken using a tripod in my garden last year.

Unless you have a glamorous assistant to help you, you’ll need a tripod. You can pick a basic one up for about $25 (glamorous assistants cost slightly more). Mount your camera on this and set the timer on your camera. Then you get into position, pose and have your photo taken.

This is great for outfit shots where you need to show off your whole look all at once.

Camera settings

A photo taken at a rather dark fashion show. No flash, shutter speed: 1/250 | aperture: f/2 | ISO: 5000 | Lens: 22mm

While the automatic setting will be good enough for most photos you want to take, experiment with your camera. First look at shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the less light is let in. However, a fast shutter speed will reduce any motion blur (good for catwalk shows). You’ll need to get the balance right between the two. Again, more light will help. Using a tripod will also help you to get sharp images without too much motion blur.

Another thing to look at is aperture. The larger the aperture the more light the camera lets in. Confusingly, the lower the number (f-stop) the wider the aperture. So 1.4 will let in a lot of light whereas 2.4 will let in less. We’ve already said that light is good but a wide aperture that lets in lots of light will reduce the depth of field. This means that only a portion of the photo will be in focus. This is great for artsy detail shots and portraits.

Finally, there’s ISO to think about. The higher the ISO, the lighter your picture will look but you’ll also get some noise. Where you can, keep this low so the photo doesn’t get grainy.

 Where you take your photos

A few of the locations I've used recently

A few of the locations I’ve used recently

Think about where you take your photos. A mirror shot of your outfit might be good enough for Instagram but, where possible, try and get a full length photo of you in front of a beautiful back ground. You might do this in your home where there’s good light or you might venture outside.

Don’t forget the details

I am quite guilty of this, I often forget to photograph close ups of things like jewellery, hair and make up. These are the things that people really want to see. These are easy to shoot as you can usually do it without relying on a tripod.

Hire a professional


Me and a fellow blogger at an event last year. Photo by AJ Tunley.

It’s all good and well taking your own photos but sometimes you just need that professional touch. Attend events where you might get your photo taken or team up with a local photographer who will be willing to take your photo in exchange for some exposure.

Don’t just shoot yourself


An amazing vintage and designer boutique in Venice, Italy

Take photos of friends, beautiful jewelry displays, fashionable people walking down the street. You don’t have to do a blog post for each but perhaps round up your weekend with a selection of photos.

Learn from the best

Take a look at blogs such as Wish Wish Wish, Native Fox, Style & Pepper, Cheetah is the new black and Delightfully Tacky for some examples of really beautiful photography,