Pinterest is a great tool for bloggers because it gives us the chance to share the more visual elements of our work. Your gorgeous photography or collages might get shared but how do you get people to actually visit your website? Here are some tips.

Add and verify your website

When filling out your profile make sure to add your website and take the time to get if verified. If you have WordPress and are struggling with with, there’s a plugin that makes it much easier.

Add text


If you add text to the images you pin then people are going to be more likely to realize that they can click through to see more. Perhaps create a header for your blog post that contains a great image, overlayed with some text – usually the title of your post.


In the comments on your pin let people know that they can click through for more. The reason for doing this is just to remind people that there’s more to see.

Add the URL to the pin description

Don’t go overboard with this but occasionally add your URL into the pin description. Only do this if clicking through to your URL really will offer something to the people who see that pin. You should also include a call to action. ‘Find out more here…’ then your URL.

Add board categories

If you add a category to each of your boards then they are going to show up in the wider category feed. You can do do this by going to your boards and clicking ‘edit’. The reason most of use leave out boards without categories is because we create them from the Pin It/Pick a board page.

Use taller images

For some reason, taller images get more pins.

Pin beautiful things that people will want to share



Pin things that people will be wowed by and will want to share. Pin straight from your blog and if people like that image, it should travel far and wide.

Use hashtags

More people are going to be able to find your image if you use the correct hashtag. Just one will do.