Because our blogger tips have been so popular, I thought I’d continue with them. Today we’re going to look at how social media can help to drive traffic to your blog.

Automatic updates to Twitter and Facebook

Depending on how much time you have, it’s generally better to share your new blog articles yourself. However, if you’re stuck for time, you can automatically send your posts through to the social networks. The easiest way to do this is through the Jetpack plugin on or will do it automatically for you. Take a look here for details on how to do it with Blogger.

If you manually post to Facebook, instead of just posting the link and letting it generate its own picture, you should post a picture to Facebook with the link underneath. These tend to get more reach than posts with just the links.

Focus on imagery

Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Google Plus are all about big, beautiful images. If you want to make a real impact and get your blog noticed then you’ll need to post images that are worth sharing on their own before you even take the text into account. This might be an item you’re coveting, a great outfit or just a nice header that will link through to your blog.

Take a look at our post on how to take photos for your fashion blog.

Join groups

Groups such as Triberr and IFB are a great way to interact with other bloggers, get inspired and share your work too. Get more involved in the groups and forums on sites like Google Plus and too.

If you interact with other bloggers, you get the opportunity to share content your readers will love; there’s also the chance that these bloggers will help to promote you and they might visit your site too. You can learn a lot from more established bloggers. Not only will you be able to get inspiration for future posts but you’ll be able to see what they do to promote their own blogs.

Come and join us on Triberr where we can help to promote one another!


Most of the social networks now use hashtags. These are used to help people find similar content. Make sure you tag your posts correctly to make sure they get the most reach. If you’re unsure whether your posts are relevant to that tag, just scroll through some previous posts. You’ll soon be able to see whether your blog belongs there or not.