Summer Gardens

You look beautiful… what we (hopefully) tell ourselves when we complete our outfit with a hat, check one last time in the mirror, and breeze out the door. But as soon as we’ve conquered our winter hat wearing, suddenly its summer (yes even with the rain and storms) and the nerves appear again. Will anyone else be wearing a hat? I can’t choose a new hat again, its too stressful. Is everyone looking at me?

Dreaming of the Beach...

Lets make this nice and easy. Start summer by updating your floppy felt hat for the new season ahead. A neutral shade of beige, black, navy, white or cream easily translates over to spring/summer, its what you team it with that makes the difference. Wear with rich fabrics such as linen, silk or bouclé, or in addition to a structured, tailored look. Add floral or nautical pins to your floppy, or for the clothing creative, sew in some embroidery to the brim or use a craft knife for cut out featuring.

When in Rome

Felt hats belong at festivals year round, but you can bring them into other summer social settings just as easily.