I love patterned leggings but I think a lot of people don’t wear them very well. Not only is this a how-to post but let’s establish some ground rules.

Only very high quality leggings (usually made of lycra or similar) are suitable to be worn as pants. I don’t care how good your body is, see through leggings are a big no-no. Just go for a slightly longer top or jacket.

Pattered leggings: Let them do the talking
I love the galaxy print but I often find myself shying away from it because if I wear it, I know I’ll see about 10 other people who are dressed similarly. However, this is becoming a classic look so it can’t be ignored.
Patterned Leggings: Go wild
Leopard leggings can add a bit of excitement to a little black dress.
Patterned Leggings: Sports Luxe
One of the best thing about lycra running tights is that they’re coming in more and more bright patterns. Pair them with bright trainers and you’re good to go. We’ve already talked about cute workout gear but this is another outfit to add to that list.