70’s looks can be seriously diverse; from cropped to maxi, flares to fringe. This decade is defined by its textures, colours, and cuts, making it really easy to replicate on the high street.

How to wear: That 70's Dress


This off-the-shoulder number goes beautifully with suede and floral motifs. Add some jazzy tights for an extra burst of colour.

How to wear: That 70's Fringe


Brown, blue, and orange tones have the advantage of being both super 70’s and also complimenting each other. A soft skirt with a long fringe adds movement to the look, and that hint of leopard print really pops.

How to wear: That 70's Look


Flares are one of those rare beasts that really do suit all body types. Bonus points for a bold pattern combined with a jewel-bright velvet top and a smidge of crochet on the side.