I love a really bright and colorful blazer. These light cover-ups are great for spring as they bring an air of sophistication to any outfit. They also work into summer when it gets warmer too. Here are some outfits to inspire your next shopping trip.

The new uniform

Want to inject a bit of excitement into your work attire? Try a gorgeous mint blazer over a simple top and pants.

See me walking.....?

Strut down the street in this pink blazer. Accessorize it with bright, statement jewellery.

Fancy the Yacht Club for Lunch?

A must have for all ages – the Navy blazer. But you know that right? From 15 to 55, this is an investment purchase that can be worn a gazillion different ways.

The Navy blazer makes an unequivocal nod to fitting in, whilst simultaneously creating a rock for your personal style to cling to/bounce off. Our rule this summer: no matchy matchy here, progressive color journeys keep it fresh

Into the Sun

The warm tones of this outfit are perfect for a summer evening on the town. Go for gold with all these metallic elements that perfectly complement that canary yellow blazer.