Not all of us are blessed with a big garden. That doesn’t mean you can’t be green fingered, though. It’s so easy to create a green space indoors. Here are some ideas for those of you looking to do some indoor gardening. 1Terrariums of all sizes can be great fun for anyone looking to do a bit of indoor gardening. They’re usually glass jars or bowls filled with soil, moss and lots of greenery. They typically look like a gorgeous forest floor.

2Little pots full of herbs and flowers look great when displayed on an old cake stand. Look at using old house hold items, either as containers or stands for your plants.

3Succulents and cacti are great choices for anyone who isn’t very good at keeping an eye on their plants. These pretty little things are very hard to kill, they don’t need much water and many varieties are still just as colorful as regular houseplants.

4If you have an orangery or conservatory, you should try growing your own fruit trees. These are beautiful and practical too. There’s nothing more satisfying than picking fruit off your very own citrus trees.

5Finally, orchids are a beautiful and exotic flower to have in your home. Some varieties are easier to grow and look after than others so check with your local garden center before buying. Or, take a look at this resource from Better Homes and Gardens on the easiest to grow varieties.

Embrace unusual planters. Perhaps get something in the shape of your favorite animal or maybe you can reuse some old cans, tins or even shoes!