It doesn’t take much to give me itchy feet when it comes to travel. I live the kind of lifestyle that means I can go off on vacation when I want but there are still so many places I want to visit and these Instagrammers just fuel my wanderlust.

bleuboxfeverBleuboxfever – You should follow this account if you love really beautiful photos of Europe. Bleuboxfever’s style is simple, elegant and a little bit dreamy. Each photo is accompanied by details of where and when it was taken and they all give you an insight into the less-well-travelled parts of these lovely places.

fosterhuntingFosterhunting – The life of a nomad. This Instgram account makes me want to pack up my things and live on the road (there’s WiFi there, right?). These pictures are interesting, varied and when looked at together, they tell a story.


Michaelchristopherbrown – Here’s the more serious side of travel photography. There are the usual beautiful shots of striking landscapes but there are also shots of ruined buildings and soldiers. A lot of the pictures are quite harrowing but worth a look if you appreciate this reportage style.
adventuringjessAdventuringjess – This is my travel Instagram and it features photos from my travels around the UK and Europe. Expect lots of moody skies, some animals and odd uses of color.

theplanetdTheplanetd – Here you’ll find some of the most amazing photos from around the world. Dave and Deb are incredibly talented. I love their use of color in these shots and all the contrasting textures and shades that bring each photo together.

treyratcliffTreyratcliff never fails to amaze me with photos that really tell a story. There’s a huge human element to these photos but over on his Instagram you’ll also find landscapes, interesting angles and photos of places that look too unreal to be true.

wheresandrewWheresandrew – This is the Instagram account of a digital nomad who takes photos full of texture and interest. There’s also a lot of photos of animals in his feed. I like that.